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Camping Gear I Want to Buy!

April 21, 2014 Comments off

Plastic Bottle Becomes a Spoon

My interests have changed overnight. I still enjoy my photography and digital art (that I sell on tshirts), but now I also enjoy outdoor camping. It’s a great method of keeping myself grounded and a simple way to remember that there is more to the world than the city life.

After spending 2 days outdoors without my mobile phone, computer, electricity, running water, a flushing toilet, nor even free wifi — I found myself revelling in the time away from it all. Well, except the flushing toilet. Drop toilets and lime remind me too much of a teenage years living on the side of a hill where the emptying of said can was rostered. Ewww. Not fun.

Upon returning to the nearest wifi-available, I spent nearly a whole night going through a bunch of Australian and a few American camping websites to find all the gear I would need for next Easter. Wow. Extensive.

Then I realised I would need to bookmark these easily for family and friends. (I do have a birthday coming up, hint hint!) Bookmarking on my browser is restrictive. Since and many other online bookmarking services have gone to pasture, I settled for publishing them on a separate page on my blog.

As a teaser, and to give this article a little bit of content – here are the sites through which I found most of these maybe necessary purchases. I am guessing my wife will decide. Ultimately we really want a decent yet simple tent that will fit up to 4 people. Or 3 people and all the cra… stuff we seemingly need.

Hidden in Plain View

November 15, 2013 Comments off

One of the best points of having ‘Casual Clothes Friday’, particularly for me, is being able to hide in plain site.

As I particularly like shooting architectural and inner-city photography, it helps to be wearing clothes that are either or both plain and of a tourist appearance.

So today I am casually dressed. I won’t describe my outfit; you might recognize me!

But it is what I have managed to discreetly hide blows my mind. I wish I had thought of doing this 6 months ago when I started this role!

Inside my man-bag (a Crumpler tote bag) is all my usual paraphernalia (smartphone, glasses case, mini-LED-torch, business cards, coffee-club cards, ear plugs, etc) PLUS my Canon 50D with 40mm EF 1.2.8 STM lens.

This may not seem like much of a combination. But there is a point to this post….

Back in 2006, for the entire year, I hauled on my back a Lowepro backpack that had my Canon 400D with hefty battery extension hand grip and at least 3 lens. I thought I was oh-so-cool. I must admit I learned and taught myself a LOT about photography and camera usage that year. And I got a fervent taste for architectural photography. I have photographed almost every building around the Adelaide CBD. Yet I know there are still some to shoot, newer buildings that have eluded my lens, plus a few places I want to reshoot.

So being able to pack my current camera into such a small space is impressive. And allows me to get back to what he enjoys.

So if you see a plain-clothes guy shooting up in the CBD this morning … it might not be a tourist, but a local doing what he enjoys most.

Sunrise is Too Early!

November 14, 2013 Comments off

Sunrise in Kingscote I arrived in town (the Adelaide CBD) at 7am this morning!

As we drove through Hindmarsh Square we spotted the Sunrise crew and Vintage cars. My wife agreed to let me out to go shoot the cars and check out the glorified news reporters known nationally as the ‘Ch7 Sunrise Crew’.

But before my feet hit the grass, I quickly decided it was too early to stand in the sun. The sunrise is way too early today!

So now I am enjoying bacon & eggs on toast – plus my mandatory morning coffee – in a little café between Hindley Street and North Terrace.

After four hours sleep (courtesy of my son’s sleepless night), this consumption is good for my sore head. I’m also getting a doughnut and cola to keep me going all morning – I start the 8am shift this morning.

Have a happy day. See you on the flip side of midday.

Upward View of the Adelaide CBD Horizon

August 19, 2013 Comments off

I have found a PDF that makes good reading for Adelaide residents who have penchant for knowledge that includes facts, figures and fees. I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb: Below I have listed the pages and Fee-ID’s that might be of interest to the photographers of our great and ever-growing inner-city.

  • Page 20, Fee ID 0412 – Film Shoots Commercial Still or Movie, in line with guidelines
  • Page 24, Fee ID 0916 – Audio Visual Equipment 8×8 Tripod Screen
  • (Extra: Page 53 – all of them. Don’t feed the birds.)
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0109 – Business Promotion Handing out free samples
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0300 – Distribution of pamphlets
  • Page 57, Fee ID 0562 – Ladders / Footpath permits (Casual)
  • (Extra: Page 67 & 68 – photography archives. Read it.)

Appears to be nothing saying I’m not permitted from capturing photography of the Adelaide architecture for general use and potential exhibition.

Thus, I can continue with an idea (that I have mulling over for about five years) for my SALA exhibition in 2014.

Onwards and upwards I shoot!
Lines of Light

Family Event: The Adelaide City to Bay Fun Run 2013

August 9, 2013 Comments off

Our close friends Vicki and Ben Kramer have a lovely little boy who required a heart operation shortly after birth. It touched our hearts when we heard what it took to support their family during those early days of little Zach’s life.

So now we want to give as much as possible to all families who need immediate support during that same time of their child’s life.

Therefore: The Mitchell Family are walking in the City to Bay Fun Run 2013 to help raise funds for HeartKids SA. Follow the link on and thru the image to donate funds to help everyone enjoy life to the fullest.

Dig deep into your soul, open your wallet, give just a little bit and help those that cannot help themselves. The children. Support is in our hands.

Image created by my two hands using GIMP.

My Ten Favourite Photographs (This Week So Far)

July 2, 2013 Comments off

I’ve had a few great opportunities to shoot interesting and varied photographs this week.

Of the many family, portrait, abstract, and landscape photographs I have shot with both my Canon 50D and my Samsung Galaxy Note II, these are my favourite. Well, so far. See if you can pick which were shot by Canon or Samsung…

Wooden Spokes on Old Tyre

Green Reeds in the Little Sahara sand dunes.

Walking thru the Dunes

Reed Shadow & Silhouette

Petrol Bowser, Sheoak Café

Two Trees on Horizon

Sequence of Trees

Between Road and Shore

Pano of the Little Sahara sand dunes

But wait, there will be more, to be sure to be sure, all the way from Kangaroo Island shores. Maybe even a few oars.

Reminiscing (1996)

June 15, 2013 Comments off

I almost remember it like it was yesterday, yet suddenly feel so old. The wife and I had been dating about 6 months. We had spent one evening looking after the young three daughters of my wife’s Aunt, plus about nine of their friends, taking them all for dinner to local McDonalds. It was the last time I ever ate at McDonalds!!

Skywalking Permitted Here As a reward for our endurance and suffering (and I am not talking about the food!), we were given tickets to the Michael Jackson concert in Adelaide .

Despite being right at the back of a very full Adelaide Oval with 30,000 other people, we actually enjoyed the whole performance, what little we were able to see. The only way we could see Michael Jackson was by standing on our plastic chairs and watching him on the biggest freaking TV screens. Well, they were darn big at that time.

I like Michael Jackson’s music, but I have to say the best thing about that night was being about to take 5 steps backwards to leave the oval at the end of the concert.

So tonight, whilst checking out more recent clips of Michael’s amazing music on YouTube, I had to try to find out if anyone had taken the opportunity to video any of the Adelaide concert … but the best I could find was Sydney. Not quite the same, yet pretty awesome in itself. Here a few clips worth viewing:

History Live In Australia (1996)

Rare footage from the HIStory tour. Two songs only: “I Want You Back” and “I’ll Be There“, Live In Australia 1996 Rare footage from HIStory tour.

Singing “Beat It” and “Black or White“, Sydney, 1996

And this last one was thirty years ago, 1983

That’s my evening in a nutshell – watching Michael Jackson concerts on YouTube, wearing headphones . Now that I am the father of a lovely one-year-old boy, my spare time is spent remembering what it was like before he took over my house. Sigh. Those years will never return. Well, that’s OK, being a Dad is fun and I expect that it will continue that way. Hope you had an awesome Saturday night, this was mine!

PS. The Adelaide Oval is about to undergo a massive transformation .


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