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Will it be a Boy or a Girl?

May 31, 2012 Comments off

Yes, the baby is still sitting pretty inside my wife’s tummy!

Since we chose not to know if our soon-to-be-born baby is going to male or female, here are photographs in the two colours that society deems to be most associated with both genders.

Yeah, just an excuse to post an array of random photographs from my Redbubble gallery.

First we’ll go with the pink photographs. Because, deep down, I’d like to have a little girl in the house.

Pink Rapture, by Stephen Mitchell, on Pink Swirl, by Stephen Mitchell, on Mistique, by Stephen Mitchell, on

And to be fair to all those that believe we are about to have a little boy, here are some blue photographs you’ll surely enjoy.

Lighthouse at Cape Du Couedic, by Stephen Mitchell, on Ferris Carriages, by Stephen Mitchell, on The Elixir of Life, by Stephen Mitchell, on

Funny thing is, I am filling our child’s nursery with organic colours, particularly yellow, orange, cream, green, brown and seemingly-neutral colours. Maybe I will post photographs from that colour range tomorrow night!

Baby Update + Photography

April 21, 2012 Comments off

I’m not writing a lot these days as we are busy making our home ready for the baby. Yep, it’s only six weeks away – so lots of changes need to happen. Thankfully we have the nursery ready for sleeping. There’s enough teddy bears to give one a month for the next few years!

Today we went to BabyBunting where we fell in love with so many items! I’d like to get a ‘Moses Basket‘ and the ‘Mountain Buggy Swift Carry Cot‘! Sarah is adamant we will get an ‘ERGO Sports Baby Carrier‘ and a ‘Sound Monitor‘. Seems her wants are more valid than mine, but that’s fine with me. And we still need suitable baby-clothing and furniture!

When it comes to toys, we’d prefer our children grow up with the same as we had at this age, particularly those both educational and colourful – ie: The Little Golden Books, Winnie the Pooh, rubber duckies for the bathroom and a few other toys.

So instead of writing any further, I am linking to photographs within my online galleries. (I gotta pay for the baby stuff somehow!)

It’s either that or linking to youtube video’s that show baby’s having their umbilical cord cut, or links to baby toys I’d like to buy. Yeah, I’ll post that stuff to Facebook … and use my blog to post images I need you to buy so I can buy the kid toys!

Without further adieu, I encourage you to browse through the photographs on display here, follow the link in each image, and check out the many mediums upon which you can have my art displayed in your home. (Aha, semi-subtle suggestion!)

Art Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Sell Art Online Sell Art Online

Photography Prints Art Prints

Photography Prints Photography Prints

Art Prints Photography Prints

Photography Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Art Prints Art Prints

Want more? There’s hundreds more within my FAA gallery, and I’m going to be adding more over the next few weeks. Another way to view them is upon my Facebook Business page. For those of you with a FAA gallery, I’d be most happy if you left a comment. If you are a photographer and member of FAA, let me know so we may connect.

All Within Three Months

February 26, 2012 Comments off

One month from now, the most amazing change in 15 years will happen in our house.
Three months from now, the first will pale into comparison as the most amazing event in 43 years will happen.

Enjoying an Iced Coffee!


1. New bathroom, laundry and ensuite. I’ll then be able to have a bath – for the first time in over ten years! Photos will be supplied when completed. I expect they will blow your minds.

2. A baby. Without a doubt, this will blow my mind, my budget, and everything in between. Yes, photos will be supplied.

Relatively speaking, nothing else matters.

So I may not post as often between now and then. When I do, it will relate more to baby’s and associated subjects.

PS: The child in the photograph is one of my gorgeous nieces.

Ten Start-Ups from around the World

February 13, 2012 Comments off


It’s official: Australia is the second easiest place in the world to start a business, according to the World Bank.

Coat of Arms on Parliament House Aside from the ease of starting and the healthy numbers of people who run businesses in Australia, there are several impressive Government run programs aimed at helping start-ups, ranging from the likes of Innovation Australia to schemes such as G’Day USA.

However, it’s clear that much more could be done to help budding Australian entrepreneurs. This week’s unveiling of the Obama administration’s huge Startup America program prompted us to ask
 What are the best Government start-up schemes around the world that we’d like to see in Australia?

Read more about the top ten start-ups from the world…

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