For Sale: Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag

Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag – View 1

I bought a ‘Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag‘ way back when I worked in government.

Somehow it ended up in storage, unused. Thankfully it stayed dry, so it is in A1 condition.

I don’t need it where I live now, it is surplus to needs.

It could be yours now. Check out the sales advert on eBay to get it today!

FYI: All proceeds from purchases will go towards buying an operations-building for LSBeez Honey Kangaroo Island

Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag – View 2

Crumpler Barney Rustle Blanket Messenger Bag – View 3


11 Perfect Cards For Every 1st-World Crisis

Buying a card for your friend, spouse, child and/or boss is difficult.

Survivor of 1st World Crisis – No Morning Coffee

So I have put together a small selection of cards you should buy in bulk so you are prepared for any crisis.

Your loved one needs cheering up after a long hard day in the office?
A single rose should do it.

They say they want to know what REAL Australia looks like. That’s easy:
A sleeping drop-bear.

Too hot in the suburbs for them? Show them what a heat-wave did to our 1990’s bathroom in the in the Adelaide hills.

Telling you they want to know what’s so special about Kangaroo Island?
Show them :

The kids want to see horses, but are scared they might hurt.
Send them a horse card.
Then they will realise they missed out on a decent holiday without their parents.

He’s works with a shovel. He tells you how much work he does, he proclaimed he worked on this and that road, he raves about it all the time.
Buy 50 of these shovel cards for every Xmas, Birthday, Get-Well and any special occasion. He’ll soon stop telling you what he does for a living. Or he will love you forever. Win Win!

Friends says they love coffee so much they want it all the time?
I was the first person to create this style of image: Coffee heart pouring from a spoon .

Not enough to choose from?
Here’s another 500 designs that may tickle your funny bone and open your heart.

FYI: All proceeds from purchases will go towards buying an operations-building for LSBeez Honey Kangaroo Island

Photography Websites Designed & Created with HTML5

I still write CSS and HTML – but these days its CSS3 and HTML5. Yes, it has been around for over ten years, but I have been out of the game for a while. So it was a bit of a fun moment when I discovered the simplicity of HTML5.

Tonight, whilst hunting for more details about figure and figcaption I found a heap of great site designs for photographers. These few got me thinking on how to better utilise these elements in my new business website.

Here are my favorites. (I hope nobody minds the screendumps!)

Corey Arnold
Dan/iel Kennedy
Dave Hill
J Bennett Fitts
Mike Larson
Steve McCurry

I am sure there are heaps more. I almost had StuckInCustoms Trey Ratcliff on here … but he has removed his fancy home page that I knew and loved so much. Oh, his new site looks awesome too, don’t get me wrong.

Tomorrow I will have a list of HTML5-designed sites displaying another profession of interest. Look out for it.