Knee Injury Recovery via Instagram

Back in late July I somehow managed to stretch the ligaments in my right knee. After I had finished washing dishes, with our 17mo son in my left arm, I turned right – but my knee did not. The ligaments pulled the knee plate over and stretched everything around it so fast.

Because I had the kid in my left arm, and I realised I couldn’t stop my body from falling to the floor, I knew I had to protect him – so I tried to turn back to the left. The knee plate was pulled from the right side of my leg to the left side. I am not sure who screamed louder, me or my 18mo son.

He immediately got up and walked away, so I implored him to go get mummy. Sarah was in the shed bottling honey.

One hour later an ambulance arrived to assess my situation and take me to hospital. Once at the Flinders Medical Centre, my ambulance was ‘ramped’ behind four ambulances for about 2 hours. Finally I got in, and took another 2 hours for a doctor to become available. Thankfully both the nurses and the prescription-drugs they gave me were wonderful.

Here is my Instagram coverage of my knee-recovery. Between each is a brief explanation of the moment.

This is what it felt like at the moment of knee-collapse.

My knee.

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Hot dang, check out how swollen that leg is!!

Turns out this is a vomit bag. A nurse filled it with ice for my leg. It certainly helped.

Knee has swollen up immensely now. Bag of f-f-freezing ice provided. #Kneeselfie #collapsedknee

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One wall of the X-Ray room at the FLinders Medical Centre

Wall of Xray Room, FMC

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I spent a bit of time trying to work out what caused this to happen to me. Intially I was telling people that I had got my knees caught between the door handles of the kitchen sink cupboards – because it was the only option that made sense. But once I got home and tested this theory, it turned out to be physically impossible. So we still don’t know how it happend.

Thankfully I was provided with an amazing velcro leg brace. When I was a boy, this was unheard of!

Here is my leg with a compression bandage just a few days after the accident. I couldn’t walk anywhere, so spent many days lounge-bound. Thankfully my fingers still worked – so spent many days either on my phone organising honey sales or making and uploading tshirts .

Thanks to a new friend, Tim McGrath, CEO of VitalXan, I was able to test a Muscle and Joint Balm that has Mangosteen as its key ingredient. Initially I was skeptical, but it appeared to be working! So I am now an advocate for his product range. Check them all our here .

This knee brace became my best friend for a while. To stop my knee from twisting left and right, this amazing contraption enabled me to walk. Eventually I chose to remove it because I knew I wouldn’t recover quickly if I relied too much on it. Amazingly my physiotherapist didn’t notice nor object when she next saw me. Essentially I was prescribing my own physio exercise and limits!

I am wearing a metal angled knee brace for at least the next 3 weeks. #DiscloatedKnee

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The swelling was starting to calm down, yet not completely.

I was house-trapped a lot. It took some effort each morning to get out of bed, yet I knew I would have to. I spend many hours with books and my phone on the lounge. Amusingly, I was still able to create tshirts, upload and sell them. Handicapped I was not!

My knee is no longer dislocated, but my muscles are tight. Lots,and lots of physiotherapy to do! For now, repetitive leg movement to relearn walking around. In a few months I will need to resume my #getfitcampaign #gymworkout .

I tested walking with only one crutch. Didn’t fare too well, but I learned I had to do LOTs of exercise to regain full mobility.

This is probably the first time I stopped wearing pygamas or ‘home pants’ all day long. Being able to dress properly without having to cover a leg brace was a great moment in the journey.

My three legs.

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Ha, a rare moment where I let my 4.5yo son have fun with my feet. He handed me two shoes and said “One is for your good foot. One is for your sore foot.” He is so smart. No, I didn’t leave the house looking like this!

Some nights have been absolutely freezing here in Adelaide. To combat this, both legs have been wrapped in lounge blankets. This also made walking painful.

Two of my three legs are positively freezing. #AdelaideWeather

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This was the last time I used my crutches at home. I started using anything at hand. In this case, a broom.

Today's three legs: two have uggfies, the third is a broom.

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21st September 2016: I can finally walk. I went for a hydrotherapy session yesterday afternoon where I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk without the weight of my body atop either leg. Whilst chatting with people twice my age, I walked back and forth across the pool, all the time wondering if I could do it without the crutches. So this morning, when I had to hurry down the hall to look after one of our children – I was crutchless. And I haven’t used one since. Well, other than for those few moments when my knee bent backwards a little too far.

Yay, finally walking again - with a slight limp!! #ThresholdCrossed #Painfree #NoLongerDislocatedKnee

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So now I am on the mend. Which means I can return to vlogging . I was quite despondent during the recovery, so didn’t feel like doing anything’ despite the suggestions that I could have video-logged the whole 3 months. Ah well. I ain’t doing this again if I can avoid it, not even to vlog it for your benefit!

Art on Tapestry

I display a LOT of my photographs and a fair amount of my graphic design on Recently they introduced a new product to display our artwork: Wall Tapestries

So now I am upgrading my graphics to see how good they look on this medium. Gotta admit, not all suit it. But here are a few that do:

Running on Empty Hot Skinny Ribs Be an Individual

Spiralling Sharks Last Thread

Keys to Success Orange Leaf

BBQ Black Pattern I, Australian


I found a site freely advertising one of my PHOTOGRAPHER tshirt designs. Gotta love that!



After Every Flood Comes a Drought

Way back on the 26th July 2016, I received a message from my friend Sasha – asking if I was available and willing to exhibit my photography during SALA 2016!

I have 10 A2-framed photos in SALA2016 !

ASIDE: 2010 was the last time I participated in SALA. There has not been a day since that I haven’t thought about doing it again. But money is strict, so I never imagined I’d ever get another chance.

But it appears to be true that “after flood there is drought“.

About 30 minutes later, I somehow managed to twist my right knee left and right, dislocating the knee plate TWICE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

There is more to this story regarding the ambulance ride and the hospital time, but that is reserved for close friends and family on Facebook.

Since then I have been on crutches and other leg wrapping to decrease the severe inflammation within my right knee. How the hell did I do that?

Thankfully it appears (according to X-Rays and an MRI) I did not tear my ACL. The Orthopaedic surgeon determined I only had a patello femoral dislocation .

Initially we believed I had wedged my knee between the cupboard handles beneath the sink I was standing in front of . Turns out I’d have to be 10cm taller in my lower leg to do that! So I suspect now that the weight of child in my left arm was a contributing factor.

The MRI showed “a stretched muscle around the right of the knee with a tear along its length, not across its width“. That was the best news for me. It meant the muscle will heal quicker, though there will be a knotted feeling. I can live with that. So no surgery required, only lots of physiotherapy. Good, because that I can do.

At the first hospital visit they gave me a solid reinforced black leg brace. It had only one purpose – to keep my leg straight. But that was getting more painful – because the muscles were not moving, they were going solid under the skin.

Without consultation, I changed to a skin-toned compression band. Oh, the pain has lessened dramatically and it’s so much easier to get around. It’s going to heal quicker now.

My Orthopaedic specialist changed to the 0-90degree knee brace [IMG]. This forces the knee to sit up without falling left or right whilst the plasma buildup reduces, yet enabling me to bend the knee sufficiently. This is a much better way to recover, particularly that I can walk just a little bit. Well, with crutches. Because initially is was ever so painful to put any weight on the leg at all!

So I am slowly on the mend.

Well, Balm Me, That Soothes the Pain!

Thanks to a new friend, Tim McGrath CEO of VitalXan , I am now applying Mangosteen Muscle & Joint Balm [IMG] upon my swollen knee up to three times a day.
The product is cooling, relaxing and makes a noticeable difference to the swelling each time I apply it.
If anyone is interested in trying this product for similar problems, contact me via social media.

Curb Negotiation on Crutches

On the downside, I had to negotiate this curb at the Flinders Private Admin to get from a ‘faux parking zone’ across to the orthopaedic clinic – and back again.

If you look closely, they seem to have removed the sloped path and rebuilt the concrete edging. Yet there is still painted lines for pedestrians on the car-park bitumen!

I wonder how much repeat business they get from customers who don’t survive the car-park obstacle course?

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Going Cold Turkey to Youtube Gamers & Vloggers

Definition of ‘Cold Turkey’

As a noun:
The unpleasant symptoms caused by suddenly ceasing to take a drug to which one is addicted.
“stopping the drug may result in cold turkey”

As an adverb:
In a sudden and abrupt manner.
“I had to quit drinking cold turkey”

How I Became a YouTube Addict

It’s nothing to be proud of, but for reasons that many people are probably still not totally aware. But it happened in stages.

Back in 2012 I was introduced to Grand Theft Auto IV . I bought a PC-DVD version of the game – and contemplated installing it. So before I did, I went to YouTube to learn more about it. That’s when the addiction began.

Somehow the first Youtube gamer I discovered was HikeTheGamer . His plays were often up to two hours long. His entourage varied in ages and countries of origin, yet somehow the group made it all work. Yet I got into the game play, watching them sometimes for the entire video. They made it interesting. But the first problem I had was the amount of download!

From there I found a bunch of clever guys who made these games both funny and a parody of the game itself –The ASDF’s . I had only found there archived clips – and spent too much time trying to find them at the current era. They were fun to watch and laugh at, which is what I really needed. It was at that point that I realised I didn’t need nor want a gaming addiction, I was seeking something to laugh at. My next article will explain why further.

From there my addiction was very Doctor-Who-Peter-Capaldi-Incarnation “I came the long way round” – Wherein I finally found the current and very popular YouTube Gamers who had millions of viewers and subscribers. I watched as they grew in fandom in millions every few months. Some of the lads who are now YouTube-stars were being born. But I never felt the inclination to join their ranks – I finally realised that I could get all I wanted from watching them. These boys are funny, hilarious and often had me laughing at odd moments!

So here are all the YouTube Gamers I developed a strong addiction to watching, in order of my awareness of them online:

    (* – My top favorite)

  1. * Lui Calibre
  2. * VanossGaming
  3. * H2O Delirious
  4. Mini Ladd
  5. Moo Snuckel
  6. BasicallyIDoWork
  7. I Am Wildcat
  8. Silent Droidd
  9. CaRt0oNz
  10. The Terroriser
  11. Daithi De Nogla
  12. SeaNanners
  13. Jacksepticeye
  14. … a few others, but these guys are the quickest to remember off the top of my head!

I have since reduced my addiction to Vanoss because the rest will often be in his videos – and the others usually upload almost the same video, just shot from their perspective. This can sometimes be interesting, particularly the audio.

Introducing Vlog-Movies

In early 2016 a Facebook friend told me about Casey Neistat with his mini-movie-style of YouTube creations. As my addiction to online gamers came to an end, watching Casey seemed a natural progression – and soon I realised how I could easily create similar styled videos of my own. Making mini-movies of parts of my life tickled a part of my brain that wanted to record my blogs with audio – and here was the answer.

I am now ALL caught up with Casey’s videos. Yes, all of them. I don’t know why, it is quite voyeuristic. My 18mo son Aidan loves watching Casey’s daughter Francine on my smartphone. Scary, yet cute.

Thanks to Casey, I also got addicted to the vlogs (~not their gaming nor prank channels!) of these guys in order of discovery:

  1. Tom Syndicate
  2. Fousey
  3. * Roman Atwood
  4. * Shonduras
  5. There are a few others, but they appear to have lost their way.

In July 2016 our household switched to NBN

This was the most amazing thing to happen to us. I remember going through the era of dial-up tones, I remember intermittent ADSL and ADLS2 – and now we have NBN, the world-wide-web is coming into our home at SIX TIMES FASTER than we previously had it.

But here is the downside of NBN:

  1. Improved connectivity means no more buffering – meaning you forget to notice that a download is in process. When events happen fast, your brain forgets to remember that the information is being downloaded from the internet. YouTube videos suddenly default to 1080p…
  2. Improved and faster download means you are downloading formidable amounts of data. With limited internet plans, your monthly limit can get maxxed out in two weeks. Sigh. I had to reduce my YouTube addiction.

So I have had to go cold turkey.

I chose Only two with which to stay connected:

  • Vanoss . Okay, and H2O Delirious. That guy makes me laugh.
  • Casey. Well, Shonduras . That guy makes me really laugh and cry, I don’t know how he doesn’t break his limbs more often!

Why tell you all this?

Because I want to focus more on my photography, graphic design and MY OWN VLOG. I got so caught up in everyone else that I forgot my own goals and aspirations!

Oh, and to get them out of my browser bookmarks. ;)

My Photography in SALA 2016!

I have the grand opportunity to exhibit my photography during SALA 2016 – and they are on display already:

At the Catalyst Foundation offices, 149 Currie Street Adelaide City – in their From Another Perspective Art Exhibition.
All are available to peruse both in their reception and in their rear seminar room.

1 August until 2 September – Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

$195 each = A2 (40×50cm) print and frame.

Additionally, and as originally presented, they are also available here on my Redbubble gallery, on multiple mediums. The easiest way to hang them all is on a Calendar !

Here is each image framed, similar to how they appear on exhibition:

Seminar Room (left to right)

Reception and Elsewhere

I bet you are asking: What is SALA? It’s short for ‘South Australian Living Artists’. Read more about SALA here.




An Improved Life is the Best Dessert

There are two new pages on my blog! One is instructions for leading an improved life, the other instructions for cooking delicious desserts!

I had them previously on my website , but it’s soon to get a radical makeover and I didn’t want to lose this information.

Select the ‘Profile’ drop menu above to read these two new pages:

Back to rebuilding my website

Selling Tshirts to Finance my Family Relocation to Kangaroo Island to Breed Ligurian Bees

I am now a Youtubing Vlogger

A Youtubing Vlogger. Does that sound right? Should it be a Vlogger who Youtubes? Anyhow, it’s heaps of fun.

It’s early days yet, I am getting the hang of it all. I use Movavi for editing all the interesting moments in my life.

Most recently I took the perfect opportunity to video my friends and I drinking very dead wine that had been unearthed from various wine cupboards.

I took my camera, my phone, a very dead red and a lot of bravado – which was handy, because despite appearances on the night, I really wasn’t sure how a video camera would impact the ‘casualness’ of the situation. ANYHOW, Here are a few of the videos from the night:

Before I left at the end of the evening (because I have two beautiful children who need me home sober), I heard a lovely female friend saying That’s Stephen! HE is our wine night photographer!” That’s all I heard, which is probably good, my head was already having trouble getting out the front door.

It was a fun night mostly because I hadn’t seen some of those people in about 4 years. I took a step back from it all just before my first son was born. But he is a few days away from his 4th birthday – so I have rejoined the rest of the world. Sigh. My 15m0 son is beginning to latch onto Dad, so I shudder at how long this freedom will last.

So I am slowly becoming a Daddy Vlogger. I had planned a different Youtube existence, but this is lots of fun!

Now I post videos from our regular visits to places where parents can enjoy coffee before chasing children: Zoos, Wildlife Parks, and Westfield playgrounds. South Australia has many of these, but we most like the Cleland Wildlife Park.

Expect to see a lot of videos where I have fun giving animals and park furniture a tourism-description or amusing-myth.

That’s all for now. I need an outro – the new in word that has the opposite meaning to an intro(-duction). Maybe this can be it.

  • Be good to your parents, eat your veggies, brush your teeth, and enjoy your day.

Hey, that works!

Oh, my blog won’t end suddenly. Yes, it has been a while. But now that I am talking to camera, I have stuff to say again. My mind is open to whole lotta new subjects – thanks to the power of the camera!