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Life is Short – Stop Killing

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Only crazy men think their imaginary deity would condone death.

I say this too often, and it amazes me that it needs to be repeated so often:

For the love of humanity – not for any deity – just stop fighting. Stop now. Just STOP.

Life is so brief, cherish it, enjoy it, live it.

Got it? Pass the message on. #LiveForTheNow


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This Verge article regarding the deliberate  demise of Flash makes me laugh. Let me tell you why.

About 10 years ago my team manager discussed with me my internet usage at work (Yes, whilst employed with state government). I made it very clear that my internet usage was NOTHING compared to the usage of colleagues around me whom I had been trying to convince that playing Flash games on the internet was a huge expense. They could not comprehend the words ‘5 megapixels per second download’. So I had quietly slipped back into reading tech sites which, at that time, were predominately text based with very little advertising. Ah, they were the days!

My manager had been told by IT that I was visiting a lot of sites per day. When I asked how many megabytes that totalled, their response was that did not matter, the site hit count was the problem.

To which I laughed and said they should recheck for what their internet provider was charging them – it would not be site hits!
I was never bothered again.

To those of you in government, you will notice you now get periodical emails explaining how to reduce your internet footprint and the policy on internet usage. Yeah.

Flash-game players in the office declined for a while. Until someone remembered what I had said right at the beginning:

‘Download the game. Play it locally, not online. Disconnect from the net when playing. Make sure scores are saved on your PC, don’t compete with online players. Reduce your online connectivity and you will cost the TAXPAYER next to nothing.’

As time and worplace policies changed, the habit of playing Flash games at lunch breaks died away about 5 years ago.
Which Flash games did you play?

When Only a Reboot Will Fix It

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Follow the link below to comprehend what it is like to take opportunity from a fresh start.

I have recently taken the chance to restart after nineteen years in state government employment.

The next 3 months are family time plus business idea research&development time. Then I too will write an extensive non-exhauative list of all the obstacles climbed or destroyed and opportunities taken.

For now read Wil Wheaton’s story.

5 Rules for Our Children

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There are five steadfast rules in our house, aimed at a specific demographic:

1. No TV during the day. Ever noticed how kids and techophobes will stand transfixed?
Exception: When Octonauts are used for bribery, or Mummy needs some time out.

2. All food to be consumed at the dining table. The last time I vacuumed the lounge room, the vacuum cleaner inhaled more peanuts and sultanas than I believe ever existed!

3. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ increase your chances of getting a bit more food or attention. It will also get you a high five from Daddy!

4. Lie down to have your nappy changed OR loose your valued possessions. Sigh. Jai has forgotten he has some toys. Which means I can regift them to him on the weekends!

5. You can only read one book at a time – so put the last book away before taking another. Taught mostly before bed. Slowly working. Jai’s secret tip here: Ask Daddy to read the same book 4 times in a row! Sneaky yet smart!

There will be more as they grow up, no doubt.

10 Interesting Sites (According to Me)

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Wow, it has been about six months since I have written anything worthy of blogging. Actually that’s not true at all. Truth is, Facebook has stolen my eyes, mind and fingers for the longest time. I intend to steal back that time over the next few months. How can I do this?
A Round Tuit

Well, life is about to radically change for me, so I am using the new lease on life to get back into blogging. Sometimes I will write camera equipment reviews, or stories about my journeys far and wide, or my entrepreneurial visions for the future (including my projects to date!), and sometimes I may simply list te to fifteen interesting web-sites I have been alerted to via Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight is the latter. Here are 10 sites (plus a bonus) that may interest you. They will give you an insight into the wondrous complex workings of my mind – and the diversity of subjects that interest me. So, in no particular order.

  1. Here is a site that shows you where here is.
  2. Steve Davis makes his segment of time both interesting and humorous. I often listen whilst editing photographs.
  3. I used IE for quite a few years, then moved onto Mozilla Firefox, then onto Chrome, and now back to Firefox. Google it to find out why.
  4. Some CSS tips are old, yet effective.
  5. This is “a museum of speculative fiction inspired spaceships.” If you are as big a SciFi nerd as I am, you will LOVE this site.
  6. If you think Facebook is a time-thief, you have not seen this website. I could spend months on this site, reading through it all. Yes, I know, useless information.
  7. Seriously though, here is footage you never imagined was recorded. Take a peek before Data Retention laws come into full effect.
  8. Seriously awesome, so many rad’ words for me to use. Word. Don’t leave me hanging dude.
  9.  Damn.
  10. RIP to the 9-to5 working day? Hear hear, I say! Work or play when your profit margin enables. Or be a workaholic, so long as it doesn’t kill you. Because life is too damn short!

and finally,

That was fun. I have many many more. So I plan to post about three times a week from hereon.

PS. Found one last interesting article for all the people who consider themselves “boss” in corporate land. Get a grip on something before you handle your next meeting.

Before Smart Phones

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How times change. In 2007 I purchased the Apple Touch, a smartphone with no phone but all the other functions we take for granted now.

Back them when I travelled on the train each morning I was the ONLY person staring down at my device.

It is now 2015 and EVERY person has a smartphone … and some ALSO have a laptop, tablet or gameboy.

These days, though clearly not this morning, I like to shake up the status quo: I leave my phone in my bag and stare out the window dreaming and thinking about tomorrow.