How to Make Life A Lot More Enjoyable

Evening Tea I have had good reason to enjoy the internet over the last few years.

It contains many forums and similar sites to connect and chat with like-minded people easily, then get involved with either their real or online lives.

To help you understand, here are the websites that take up much of my time:

  1. Early in 2006 I discovered Australian Opinions (AO) [RIP, date unknown].
  2. When not waiting for my next $200 million instalment, I am lurking around the port80 forum threads. I have lurked a few forums over the past few years. After helping noobs on ‘bloggerhelp’, I yearned for more. There were people asking questions than giving answers: I wanted a few answers myself, but there was rarely anyone experienced enough.
    When I discovered port80 early this year, I thought nothing of it. Considering it is based in Perth I thought it would not be beneficial to me. But when I recently returned to their forum it dawned on me that distance means absolutely nothing – on the internet. The difference between Adelaide and Perth is the speed of our modems. Consequently, I am slowly becoming a regular. [Membership deleted after many years unused, date unknown]
  3. Currently my fixation is blogshares. [RIP, December 2016] .

Where do you hang out on the web?