The Pursuit of Happiness

Most Smiles are  Started by another Smile :) This is the top fifty people who matter most in the world today.
Wait, stop. I mean who matter on the Internet today. Two incredibly different places. I dare you to start from the most influential and important person on the web, then TAB your way through the remaining 49 others who have made it to the list.
Where else but on the Internet could someone make a billion dollars in less than twelve months work?

Oh yeah, OK, so that uNoob thing sold for two billion greenbacks. But they had to work and study for their outcome.

Superman Promoting 'Red Nose Day' While I am rambling on about money and their lack thereof:
SWMBO and I bought about $60 of tickets to win the $21 million in the lottery last night. Please don’t me tell me we lost! I enjoy going into the newsagent to tell me “Better luck next time!” In order not to jinx myself, I don’t even think about winning.
One of Murphy’s Laws says, “Whatever can happen, will happen.
Well, I could win. This time. PLEASE.
Even just one percent of the total would do me fine.
Carry the five, subtract the one, multiply by …
oh my, that would be $1,050,000.00.
That would most certainly bring on early retirement from my day job.
And pay for all my planes and hotels to follow Zeldman, Meyer, Collison and Hols…Hollshwa…Molly as a web seminar-groupie for the next few years!!

All the while sitting in one of these.
Oh yeah, the world’s first virtualised data-center built into a shipping container and optimised to deliver extreme energy, space, performance efficiencies. Transportable to any location without lifting a finger. By the sounds of the music and the words on the screen – this baby even includes a toilet. Either that or them server racks are where you put the mini-bar-fridge for all the Jolt-Cola!!

What would you be doing right now if you won the mega-lottery?
Mirror of Happiness