Free, Free, Set RSS Free!

Route of Departure Like me, I bet you love free RSS reading?

Help to keep RSS free for everyone: Prevent Microsoft lawyers from putting a patent on RSS-feeders.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) technology for Web design, Cascading Style Sheets, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week. To mark the occasion W3C has launch a year-long CSS design competition with selections to be made by CSS co-authors Bert Bos and Hakon Wium Lie. Designs will be displayed in the CSS10 Gallery.
[Source: InfoWorld]
The Peoples Toolbox is a wonderful new way to list your favourite web tools online. Like and Bloglines before it, it is an easy-to-access online accessory that allows anyone to view the tools you use for your web work. I like it because I can show you that the multimedia software I am using is good enough. (Wait, I mean “almost good enough”.)

Are you one of the people? Fill your toolbox.