Living Happily with Online Addictions

Lego Police

Lego Furniture for the inner geek in all men.

Here is an interesting site for everyone who hates filling in the input-fields at job-sites: A much easier way to present your resume on the internet.

Installed the FLECK tool bar, but not using it yet. Still not sure how it helps ME, but can see that it can be interesting to see how this ‘idea’ progresses.

According to techcrunch

The service is clearly in its infancy but could be just what some people are looking for. The basic idea is that one person can place notes on top of a web page and other people can view, change and add to those notes at any time.

My Camera’s

Ok, ok, it’s true: I am one of the many techno-geeks with online-addictions.

I can’t survive without flickr and my day is incomplete without reading through my bloglines.

An hour in the evening dabbling in blogshares. Hey, what does one do with with earnings totaling $34B in 18months?

And where would my favourite Bookmarks be if not sent to my list? This online web-site lists all my articles, tools, interests and facts of internet-life, therefore is very important … to me.

Yeah, I cannot get enough. Someday I am going to make money out of all this addiction!