Jumping Out of One’s Own Confines

Beached Shells

For those who have taken an interest in seeing my photography, here is my online gallery

I’m sure you’ll be amused to hear that over the 4 days of Easter, both SWMBO and I shot about 2,000 photographs (of which over 1,500 were shot by me!).

Before 11.00am last night, the first 40 of 150 of the best appeared on my gallery, including macro-shots of “Bees on Grevillea”, Bee Hives, Flowers (roses, grevillea, apple-tree and more!), Landscapes of KI farmland … plus many more that you might like to use for desktop-wallpaper!

NOTE: Minimum size is 1200x800pixels and approx’ 110kilobytes, whereas the bigger {preferred size} shots measure 1500x1000pixels and approx’ 240kbs. Be aware of this if on a Dial-Up web plan.

Have you BEEn to Kangaroo Island?


New proverb based on incidents that regularly occur in my day-job,
"Don’t jump to conclusions – Make informed decisions."

Which then wrote this one,
"Take the time to read the data before pretending to know what it means."

Another incident gave birth to this,
"Those that throw stones should learn how to catch ‘em!"

Which of course is based on,
"Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones."

I prefer my version.

ANZAC Memorial


Hehe. I was fooled too. I even told a few friends that the internet is getting full. *Blush*

I had a similar situation a few years back inasmuch as a friend thought I had stolen their web-information and put it on Google. Apparently they thought the home page of Google was my doing – because my site was listed (in #9th place) and the information that put me there was do with our four cats and where they were found… Anyhow, I was disliked for sometime because I was giving (free) advertising to their Adelaide business by naming it on my site. Something tells me they finally saw the light – but they don’t seem to want to tell me that! (Amusingly, I am still giving what they would term as “free advertising” because I still use the same words as their business name – but now broken up into individual sentences rather than consecutively. Make no sense. Sorry, but the water is too hot to give exact words!

Wow. Weird twist of events over my Easter weekend makes this good reading. This and Kelly Goto’s book. Must.

Do I look my age? No. Ask anybody. See my self-portrait for confirmation. 38yo, Marr(i)ed, Adelaide, Australia.

Oh, boy, something other than DW or FP!

Wow. Can you create CRAP designs? Jemma does it with pen and paper. Maybe I should start showing my scribbles on flickr. That might cause neck-aches for a few professionals when they have a double-take. Mmmm. Soon.