Utilising Photography Appropriately

One of my photographs is being used by blogs.move.com in an article about ergonmic homes.

It’s a photograph of one of the few wheel-chairs available for people on incoming flights. Two chairs sit in the sparse and barren old international airport. I found these one time when we were waiting for my MIL to arrive from Kangaroo Island.

Adelaide International Airport - Wheelchair Green

The green hue is from the lighting nearby, defused by colored plastic in a petition. (I think, I’m not clear on that – that’s just the way I remember it!) So I lay down on the old-carpet and shot upwards from underneath (but more to one side) the wheel-chair to capture the light refracting off the chrome. Took about four shots to get this right. A bit bright, but not too bad. I’d love to spend a day in a wheel-chair sales room redoing this shot.

Anyhow, it’s all legitimate – they asked me about this about a month ago.

I’ll have to take a closer look at their site soon. The design looks OK, the information sounds interesting. Go take a look.