Serious Stone Sculptures of Adelaide

I photographed this amazing series of shots about a month ago in Adelaide. The images displayed below are only a third of the size on display at my photography. You are welcome to visit and view my photography.

When I saw all this artwork, I thought I’d stepped through a hole in the time-space continuum, back onto a Roman castle. Yes, this probably isn’t Romanesque at all!

Roman Around the Adelaide CBD

Look at the detail, the ornate placement, the curvature of the arches, the stone leaves and faces.

I wonder if the iron covers over the windows were purpose-built for this amazing art-work?!

Stoney Faced

That’s the same face of the guy guarding the cave in "Indiana Jones : Search for the Holy Grail". Except his beard is a bit longer.

Corner Carvings

Time for the Adelaide council to get their tooth-brushes out: This needs its bi-annual clean!

Location:Gilbert Place, Adelaide CBD (Near Cnr of Currie and King William Street)