Comparison of Canon Cameras

Over the passed few months I’ve been distracted from blogging by a hobby that has been my primary passion for over twenty years: Photography.

Yep, that’s right, I am an amateur photographer, a website designer, a writer, and a computer-geek. Hardly surprising really – it seems every fourth person on the internet has these same interests.

But I’d actually forgotten how much I love photography until this last month when my wife and I finally said “I WANT A CAMERA!” That’s how easy it was. We said it, believed it would happen – and it did. We didn’t need any secret formula – we simply told ourselves what we wanted – and it did.

Last week we purchased another Canon EOS 400D dSLR. (Photographs in progress)

So now we have one each.

And SWMBO is showing me and the rest of the world that she really does know her way around a camera. Here’s the proof:

Streaking on South Terrace III (by SWMBO)

So I’ve taken photographs of the surrealism of Adelaide city to show my wife what interests me. Admittedly, their location is not obvious, but that’s not the point. Take a look to see what I mean. This is a corrugated iron door that has been painted black. You can see where the paint has peeled away because it didn’t bond with the metal. The steel lock has a slight red reflection along its edge that gives the whole image life.

Closed, Not Locked

Below is a photograph of a bee on a flower at the Wittunga National park up at Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills. This park has an amazing arrary of flora and fauna that has been planted to regenerate the natural gardens. It is a great location for anyone to visit, with or without a camera!

Now, That is a Nose!

I could go on for hours comparing our photography. Instead of that I’ll end here. Go check out my photogallery at flickr to see our respective portfolios.