World Change Begins At Home

July 17 at 11:11 GMT — 20:41 (8:41 PM)

Got anything planned that day? If not, a lot of people are going to assemble from all corners of our world as a collective body of energy to meditate simultaneously for 1 hour (60 minutes).

Why? Apparently our planet is slowly being killed by the habits of the human inhabitants. Nothing new for many of us. Like the site says, oil is expensive, ice is melting, air is toxic, and humans are stupid. Yes, nothing we didn’t know already.

Where are they ‘assembling’? Cannot find that. Must be like a Borg-collective – You pray from your own backyard, lounge room, mosh-pit, crater of tranquility or inner-self. Works for me. July 17th is a Monday. At 11 past 11, I’ll either be staring at the clock waiting for lunch-time to arrive or in the middle of entering some data. Either way, I’ll be wearing head-phones cranked up to 30, listening to U2 (but you knew that!) and not giving a care for anyone else in the world. So I’ll put this in my diary now, and in my reminder list and task box.


But prayer ain’t my thing! No, I’ll be finding ways to make the changes to ensure this planet lives a little longer.

All cynicism aside, this website holds a multitude of information that certainly is food for thought for all the humans out there who…

  • … put plastic-bottles into their rubbish bin instead of recycling,
  • … throw their goddamn cigarette butts into the gutter (ever heard of toxic-waste?!)
  • … continue to pump fossil-fuels from the depths of the planet (and the politicians who fail to allow electric-cars onto the commercial market),
  • … build houses along tracts of land that hurricanes regularly occur (talk about dumb!)
  • … drive a petrol-car one kilometre to walk a dog in a park rather than walking, or
  • … have half-hour showers to wash their hair with chemical-based shampoo.

If prayer doesn’t work for you, just sit down for an hour and contemplate what YOU are going to do to keep this planet alive. Yeah, OK, you’ll die of old-age long before this planet drifts into the sun and burns to dust in a trillisecond. But how many generations of humans will it take before something is changed?

That’s my rant on world-change for the day. Now I need to photograph some happy-faces and pretty-flowers to feel better.