Discovering Casio for a Second Time

Whilst I am on leave to recover from a severe bout of bronchial problems, I’m reading Clive Cussler’s book “Fire Ice#1. I got hooked on Cussler novels about fifteen years ago – and just keep buying them. My first book was Dragon#2

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Interestingly, my wife buys them behind my back – and stashes them on the book shelf without telling me! That’s how I found “Fire Ice” – I had to ask my wife where it came from, to which she blushed and [line changed to reflect truth] ignored me.

So I was reading chapter nineteen about the crew being interviewed as to how the NR-1 was stolen by a large submarine – but no one was able to get a GPS on their position at the bottom of the ocean. Let me read a section to you…

A slim bond-haired crewman in his mid-twenties stood and identified himself as Seaman Ted McCormack. He passed a sheet of paper toward the table. “These are the GPS coordinates for the wreck.”
“How can you be so sure?” Gunn said, reading the figures.
McCormack held out his arm and displayed what looked like an overgrown digital wristwatch.
“My wife gave this to me. We got married just before I shipped out. She’s got a chart back home so when I called her she could mark exactly where I was. … [sic] … When we were hijacked, I slid this thing up my arm and kept it covered under my sleeve,” McCormack said.
The ProTek GPS watch was a miracle of miniaturization, said by its manufacturer to be the world’s smallest GPS device. It could give the wearer his position anywhere on the planet within a few yards

Like any reader of fiction, I found it all a bit dubious. But seeing as how I keep my computer close-at-hand, I had to google the GPS. What do you know? It’s real, albeit getting a bit old.

Casio PRT-1GP

Its maker is CASIO, and its official title is the PRT-1GP, the world’s first navigation watch. For its time, and as far as I am concerned still is, the most amazing wrist-watch on the market. It’s appearance has an almost Star-Trek communicator feel to it, but I bet anyone who wears it finds it most comfortable. I’m guessing its been designed to be worn on the left arm and operated with the right hand. (We do make up the majority so CASIO probably never worried about building one for all the lefties.)

According to its BIO, the PRT-1GP receives and processes data from 27 GPS satellites! Other than eBAY and a few die-hard fans, I’m guessing buying one of these is fairly difficult. Never mind, it’s still a great tool for flickr-photographers who want to place their images perfectly, for long-distance trekkers and scuba-divers who get lost in a Cussler novel!

One last thing:

I found the watch my younger brother had when we were kids. I don’t know how he saved the money to afford this, but I can see why he wanted it: The Casio Digital Wrist with a built in calculator. I’ll lay odds this hood-ornament is buried in one of the boxes we transported from long-term storage recently. In twenty years time, those boxes will eventually be sorted out ;) – and it will appear on eBAY as an antique!

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