Irregular Contributions

Post of the millennium. Six word maximum on each post is interesting. I’ll try for ten-word maximum on each web-link.

Great design of the day!

Love it. Might try to rebuild with CSS, not a SWF.

More site ideas.

Comparing intranets.

According to the official website for Buckingham Palace, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee KBE, (inventor of the World Wide Web) has been appointed as a member of the Order of Merit.
Extra Information
The Order of Merit, founded by 1902 by King Edward VII, is a special mark of honor conferred by the Sovereign on individuals of exceptional distinction in the arts, learning, sciences and other areas. Appointments to the Order are in the Sovereign’s personal gift and ministerial advice is not required.

Turns out our cats are NOT the only cats with their own website.

Ok, so it’s been and gone already – but the site looks good.

Review and consider purchase.

The title says it all.

There’s only one thing I have done from this list: Turned off email-notifier. As I read this on his list, it dawned on me that the sound of breaking-glass (found in Microsoft™ Outlook standard sounds!) is what keeps me awake at night. Gone!

It’s time to sign up.