From Misery to Happiness Today

Skeletal Form

If you were watching Channel 9 this evening, you would have seen this very interesting story about a young man who has “Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological condition that means he has no movement in his face.
Or as they say at NineMSN – he cannot smile.

Yes, the story is very sad and most unfortunate for the child. But what ails me most is despite the local community’s best effort, the family is still $20,000 short of the required funds for traveling and surgery-costs, therefore the father will have to dig into his superannuation.

Anyone who’s working in a career job will know that taking from your Super’ is not a smart move. Taking out of your superannuation should be disallowed by all funds, not just the government funded schemes!

So here is my request to two of the richest men of Australia:

1. Rupert Murdoch [1; 2] with all your assets.

2. James Packer [1, 2] and all your interests.

Either one of you. Especially you Packer. When you can throw away $15,000,000 on your second wedding, imagine what you could do if you used your money more productively. Go on, you know you want to. Put a smile on a child’s face … and your investors will also smile.


One thought on “From Misery to Happiness Today

  1. I think what’s sad, is that in an affluent society, when we can sponsor (albeit needy) people and bring them to Australia for medical treatment, that our own citizens have to go cap in hand around the community to afford required treatment. As Derryn would say “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME”


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