Arguing the Message

Red Star on a Beach on Kangaroo Island

I have to agree with Jakob Nielsen on this: Posting blog-items daily for no-one’s sake but your own peace of mind is a pointless exercise. Admittedly, I’ve not completed a lot of posts I started – but I didn’t just publish them halfway through the prelude.

Other than to argue or press a point home about another person’s article, I see a lot of air-space being filled with noxious fumes. The time would be better spent researching the facts, writing out clearly how you understand the situation and adding a useful tract of text. If you don’t know what’s going on (and I’ll put my hand up on a few issues around the net that make no sense whatsoever to me!), but do want to know – take the time. There’s no time-frame to respond. I still get RSS-messages about articles I wrote or responded to MANY months ago where someone knew has added their two-bits worth. It’s all good.

Wait. Unless you’re only saying “That’s Cool!” or “Great Article!” I detest these responses.

Come on, take the time to read the words, take them into your brain, dwell on them – and respond with something witty, intelligent, or constructively argumentative. Gotta love arguments. When two or more people disagree, without resorting to violence, it’s always good. How else does one learn than by making mistakes or arguing with the standard or new procedures?

I wrote this before reading Chris’s article – but I had a feeling I knew where it was going. Yes, the internet seems to be echoing the same tune daily, with millions of sites talking the same issues.

Favourite website of the day.
Yes, it is ice-cream. But it’s also chocolate, fruit and milk! Ok, so I am ill and need to recuperate. Dairy products are good for us, right? Soooo, a bit of ice-cream can’t do me too much harm….