Bloggers Are Taking Over the WWW

Interesting Statistics from the Blog World Expo:

I wonder what the statistics are for Australian bloggers?

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Taking Over the WWW

  1. It is an interesting question. I would be interested in understanding what was considered a “blog” … there are a lot of people who actively use social media tools yet do not consider themselves bloggers. In Australia, the term itself confuses rather than clarifies — I have a feeling that there are more bloggers in various shapes and forms than you would expect.


  2. I totally agree. I see many writing either progress report, niche-based articles, or chapters of a story. So to say that we are bloggers is, yes, a very ambiguous and broad statement.

    I personally HATE the word ‘blog’. As we know, it’s a shortened version of ‘web log’, but I’m sure some think of it as ‘we blog therefore we exist.’ I prefer Journal, as in a journal of events.


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