Getting More for your Dollar

I always thought my wife was a tough dealer at auctions and sales – but Amdollar (Eastern, United States) is one tough customer. No kidding, anyone who can beat a car salesman at their own game certainly deserves all the money they can save on a deal.

This guy managed to stare the salesman in the eye and say “Absolutely not.“, when asked if a $7,700 trade-in value was acceptable. That’s balls and style. I know I fluster when I get into similar situations. I know I can be tough when I need to, but when they don’t come around all that often it’s difficult to go into ‘calm and cool’ mode when purchasing expensive products.

One Light

We purchased a vacuum cleaner recently. Only $400. About $300 more than I wanted to pay, but knew that if I wanted something to clean cat hair off the rugs – then the money had to be spent. For as long as I can remember I’ve been sitting down on the inch-high rugs, and literally scrubbing with the pipe of the vacuum (… because we lost the head somehow!). I’d gotten used to it, but when we walked passed the same vacuum place at Marion Shopping centre – I knew I had to get the darn thing!

I watched as the salesman pushed cotton fibres into the rug, flick on the vacuum, and show us how much the machine worked. It was good. But would it do better?

Put more of that cat-fur on their.” I asked.

The what… oh the cotton fibre.” Listen to the customer, understand where they are coming from.

And more sand.” Our cats like to bring sand in with their shoes. What, you think it’s me? No way, not when I have cats to blame it on!

Umm… ok.” Bagel-boy did as he was told. He wasn’t going to argue with a man who tolerated four cats in his home. At least I hope not. Not if he wanted my money.

Machine turned on. I grabbed pipe from him, I had to know myself how well it worked. OMG. Yeah, it works.

I was waiting for him to say “Cash or Credit?” Thankfully he didn’t. But he must have seen how impressed SWMBO and I were the contraption. Instead we got this:

Do you want a new model or a show-room model?

The difference?

About a $100.

Done. Signed. Forget layby, we paid a payment down – and got it last week. Truely a better vacuum has never been made. What used to take me three hours now takes about thirty minutes.

I hope Amdollar’s new car is just as good and needs no servicing. That’s the trick. Watching for tell-tale bog-marks in the paint job, scratched out registration numbers in the engine bay and keeping your dealers on their toes.

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