Car of the Year

Now this is the clear winner of Car of the Year.

According to news reports Jaguar has sold more than 8000 XKs, and customer demand remains strong with the waiting list continuing to grow.

In Australia, the XK was sold out until March 2007. That’s been and gone. I do hope some are left for the rest of us…

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5 thoughts on “Car of the Year

  1. Hello razzbuffnik: I don’t recall the Feculent, but I do remember the Nimbus in the mid 1980’s making it to that distinguished position.
    True, it doesn’t mean much. But I like the look of the car, so I’m happy to personally consider it the perfect car of choice.
    I saw a television advert for it earlier tonight that got me hooked. Now to find/earn/make the necessary funds to get one!


  2. I agree that the new Jaguar is beautiful and for that reason I wouldn’t like to see it in the company of cars like the P76.

    Good luck in finding a way to own one.


  3. Sometimes something is breathtakingly beautiful, or nauseatingly cool, or heartbreakingly elegant…this car is all of those. I’ve never cared about cars for more than function– this car has opened my heart to cars as an artform. I am not the same since riding in a 2007 XK down Santa Monica Blvd. with a race car driver…


  4. Razz, Hopefully I’ll see one in a nearby car yard soon so I can just sit down and enjoy the feeling.

    Sarah, you are so right – this car is an art-form. From the front grill to the interior, the engineers and stylists worked hard to achieve the perfect look!


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