Putting a Value on Statistics

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How many of us are using StatCounter on our websites – for free?

According to the young entrepreneur who designed the system when he was only sixteen years old, 1,500 people register for a free account with StatCounter every day!

Aodhan Cullen still running the business, and he refuses to take VC from the big guys (google, yahoo, etc). He is reported as saying “he wants to continue growing the company, which has been profitable from the start, on his own, by improving the services he can offer his customers. [exerpt from businessweek.com]”

I have no doubt I’m NOT using them to their FULL potential, but they are beneficial from both an egotistical and business point of view. The statistics provide me with a good idea of where people are around the world, of the browsers being used by my viewers, plus heaps of other interesting projection data for the future. I know it provides other interest facts, but I’m yet to fully utilise them.

Today (*blush*) I logged into my StatCounter account to discover it’s been tracking a site that disappeared about six months ago. Gulp. All fixed. Now I am using it to trial the hitcount to my cats page. Seem like a bit of a waste? Probably. But for now it’s a great test of what people search for before finding my cats! It will make for interesting material for future posts!

Have you jumped on the stat-wagon? Or have you found another a better FREE online statistical-analysis system?


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