Ten Articles Found in my Gmail Archives

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. And in your case, it’s going to take a crate-load of beer."

I know the gmail people say I have almost three megabytes of space available to use. But that’s no excuse to leave almost 300 emails unopened! Most are from myself. Yeah, little snippets of text to remind myself to write something about it. Most say something like “Title: Paper Toweling vs Wash Cloth. Environmental Impact.” That would be a great post! But I haven’t written it yet. It’s in there. Somewhere. One day one of us will write it up. Maybe.

Anyhow, here are the ones I did find. Nope, I’m not expanding on them. I just had to empty my email IN-box.

1. Ever wanted to learn those great skateboard tricks? Or how to snowboard? Without breaking your neck? I did. Well, actually, I did learn to skateboard. I also made a prediction in the early 1980’s that water-skiing with one board would have to be easier than two. Turns out I was soooo right. Though I never had the nerve to try it. Now we can find out what it takes to break ones neck.

2. Whereas this article at brainfuel.com is constant reminder to myself that I need to focus, attack and complete some projects before moving onto the next. Communities are hard to build and easy to topple.

3. More useless information that nobody really needs – but its funny! Now this is a Meme that needs to flood the ‘net!

SIDENOTE: I like this on thepickards.co.uk sidebar:

“Buy Me Stuff: If you like my site, like me or think I’ve been really useful in some way, why not show your appreciation by buying me stuff, such as the things I’ve got on my Amazon wishlist?”

4. I had a similar situation a few years back inasmuch as a friend thought I had stolen their web-information and put it on Google. Apparently they thought the home page of Google was my doing – because my site was listed (in #9th place) and the information that put me there was do with our four cats and where they were found.

Anyhow, I was disliked for sometime because I was giving (free) advertising to their Adelaide business by naming it on my site. Something tells me they finally saw the light – but they don’t seem to want to tell me that! (Amusingly, I am still giving what they would term as “free advertising” because I still use the same words as their business name – but now broken up into individual sentences rather than consecutively. Make no sense. Sorry, but the water is too hot to give exact words!

5. Minimum price on these oil paintings – $11,000
Who determines their value? What is the criteria for valuing any piece of modern art? I’ll grant you this, this is beautiful art. No doubt many hours have been put into painstakingly painting all those little squares of oil.

6. If there is only one blog I read each day, it has to be the “simography”. Not only is it great reading, but it is a great story. He tells us exactly how it is for him and his seemingly-real monkey, including all the poo-throwing and complimentary swear-words. And their are the cartoons. Despite the fact I think he is using a transparency each time, each cell is unique.

But there is one thing about his blog that makes me squirm: Any one of us could write a blog like this. Tell a story, make it your own, and don’t be afraid to keep all the ‘special’ words in the article. Be descriptive.

7. Tim O’Reilly has proposed a seven-part code of conduct for bloggers:

  • Take responsibility not only for your own words but for the comments you allow.
  • Label your tolerance for abusive comments.
  • Consider eliminating anonymous comments.
  • Ignore the trolls.
  • Take the conversation offline, and talk directly, or find an intermediary who can do so.
  • If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.
  • Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.

8. Someone sent this early this year:

A Beginners Guide To Reality” – Jim Baggot

9. Here, check these out: Six PDF Downloads of CSS information. Ok, so it’s really meant for the webgeeks amongst us. You know who you are
# @ mirror.randomfoo.net
# @ refcards.com
# @ duoh.com
# @ econsultant.com
# @ ilovejackdaniels.com
# @ ilovejackdaniels.com

Wow. It took me three hours to clear out my gmail account. All were stripped of data and links – and deleted.

Apart from the cough that rattles my ribcage, the sneezing that makes me look like a metallica-guitarist, and the consumption of CODRAL and SUDERFED that makes me feel like Alice Cooper on a good day, yeah, I feel better now.

But now that that the email bin is cleared out, I can return to writing rather than reciting.