Does Telstra / Bigpond Suport WordPress?

Well, that has been both an uneventful and mind-boggling awful few hours. How is that so many sites have something to say about the atrocities of bigpond or telstra – but none actually say about whether they got them to support wordpress?

I think I got close. I’m more inclined to send an email than leave a comment. Though at this point, internet-embarrassment seems pointless to avoid.

Oh, I checked at – but their SUPPORT page didn’t tell me much. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

I’ve searched on each of the following:
"running wordpress on bigpond"
wordpress bigpond
telstra bigpond wordpress install
bigpond support wordpress
"wordpress on bigpond"
"wordpress via bigpond"
but with no real luck whatsoever. Most sites simply had sentences many distance apart that included these words – but none that actually related to the subject for which I want more information.

I cannot recall which it was, but I eventually tracked down, wait, no, I stumbled upon Andrew E Scott. Now it would seem that if the manager ‘within the CTO at Telstra responsible for technology strategy around the next generation of service enablement / delivery infrastructure’ can host a blog using wordpress – Why can’t I?

Ok. What next? How do I confirm this? I don’t want to install something then discover it’s near useless… oh wait, I installed IE7. But no, I need confirmation! Anybody listening?

FOLLOW UP [2:21 AM 22/07/2007] give this simple little email to send to our respective hosts:

I'm interested in running the
open-source WordPress blogging software
and I was wondering if my account
supported the following:
* PHP 4.2 or greater
* MySQL 4.0 or greater
* The mod_rewrite Apache module

I decided to to some really really really deep in depth research … and discovered through a multitude of web pages (mostly my own website stat and control pages) that, NO, bigpond does not have SQL installed for the plan I am paying for each month. I figure if they don’t have that, they won’t have any of the necessary components for WordPress at all!

Sigh. Guess I’ll be staying at this location a bit longer while I determine another course of action. If it was just me, I’d switch providers tomorrow. But I doubt it will that easy for SWMBO to be convinced why this is important.

Internode look promising. TPP look good too. There’s no way on this planet that I am getting a BigBLog with Frigpond!

2 thoughts on “Does Telstra / Bigpond Suport WordPress?

  1. Hi Stephen

    I don’t understand – are you trying to host a wordpress blog on a bigpond domain? (or am I missing something?)


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