WordPress Intallation in Process

Black Carbon

Here is the last paragraph of Mike Cherim‘s post in early April this year entitled “Blogging and Business“:

I’ll get right to the point since I’ve already provided you with some decent resources. You need to do it. Today, not next week or next month. Now. Starting is the hardest part. And that part is painless and pretty easy, and it doesn’t need to take very long. Being that I’m experienced with WordPress I can create the database, install the application, configure it, theme it, apply the appropriate protections, and activate a few select plugins in about thirty minutes. Like most things in life, the task isn’t the hardest part, it’s the battle we wage with our internal procrastinator. To make it so, you must begin.

Now, I freely admit that I seriously need to move my blog over to my domain name! I have been procrastinating on this issue for quite some time because I have not been able to get an answer to one question: Does my domain/host support all the necessary installations?

Today I am going to bite that bullet and go find out. I hope I get a YES.

I’ve been wanting to learn PHP and MySQL for years, and proper XML. I even spent about $200 on all the SAMS and SitePoint books last year. But they all sit unopened. Sigh. It’s time. It’s finally time.

Ok. All I need now is a push. A boost. A kick even. Any advice / support / information / web tutorials or simple help with the wordpress installation and related fields, don’t hesitate to tell me about them!