Project to Find and Photograph

Get the Commisioner ... on the Gotham Phone

A few years ago we converted our two-car garage into a very green lounge-room. Now it looks like it has every conceivable thing in it. Somewhere in their is my office.

1. One wall has TWENTY SIX 20litre plastic tubs stacked up with heaps of collected material, toys, and other seemingly-important stuff. Last week we returned some banners we’ve held onto for over four years back to Apex House at Nuriootpa. At one point this shed held a trailer in various stages of decay, plus $300 of cans and bottles (you do the math!). One shelf currently holds every APC magazine for the last five years (and possibly earlier still)!

2. Another wall is one long bench for all my paperwork and books. Currently it looks like a shredding-machine gone wild!.

3. And the third wall is a haven for my many various magazines. It also has tools that never get used and odds-and-sods that we’re yet to take a look through. Every time I go in there, I find something that I don’t recall. Things seem to appear in the night… But that cannot be right!

We’ve been doing a lot of re-organising over the last few months. Stuff is being discovered – and I’ve been taking photographs of a lot of interesting things.

Twenty Six Tubs of Storage in New Office

So here’s the deal:

Tell me what you want to see. I’ll attempt to locate it – then photograph it.The results will be on display on my account.

If I don’t have it, you’ll be the first to know. Too easy.

With all the garbage we’ve collected over the last ten years, both from deceased estates to weird purchases. (Am I the only person to have purchased that singing fish?!)

Go on. Tell me what you want to see. I’ll see what I can find.