Thirty One Days

"Whatchoo Lookin' At?"

This one post is a four-fold winner. Well done to Darren of for showing us how easy it is to acquire profit and increase site-traffic.

1. Ask the world to respond to your posts in a positive way.
2. Darren gets more writers for his daily scribblings – who will post their information from their own blogs, thus…
3. Darren gets free advertising from those posts that track-back to this article.
4. Darren gets more traffic, therefore his advertisers write a few more cheques in his favour.
5. Darren then tells the world about YOUR post – and you get more traffic. Thus the circle is completed. Unless you don’t have any advertising, sponsors or affiliated links on your site.

That’s should cover all 31 posts for the whole month. Don’t get me wrong – I think the idea is fantastic. Darren has built up a solid reputation over the last few years – so he can afford to take this approach. This will succeed for him, there’s no doubt of that!

Oh, and those of you who say, "I’ve just started blogging and making money out of it!", don’t put the cart before the horse. Write for a while, find your feet, your niche, your audience. If they keep coming back – then consider adverts. Don’t be surprised if some don’t come back.

I’m considering writing to catch-up with the last four days. Still undecided. Mainly because Sleep is an important part of existence for me. So is that real-world job. Man cannot live my internet alone – no matter how strong the addiction.

There is only one tip I can give from world-wide experience:

Don’t proclaim to start an adventure unless you absolutely mean it.
Yes, verbal proclamation generally means you can’t back out for fear of embarrassment or lack of dignity. But you’re on the internet. Those without a past can change or remove their pseudonym and existence in a puff of smoke, therefore no dignity is damaged. Life can be recreated in milliseconds within the binary void we call the ‘world wide web’.

So simply write down your aims and what you intend to achieve. Don’t be afraid to re-write these anytime – nobody else needs to know if you cannot keep up. Web presence is what you make of it, not what others think of you. Sorry, I don’t mean to be cynical – just informative. Don’t tell me when you fail or start again – Get on with your journey.

Just as long as you have a passion, an ability to type (or good speaking voice for Dragonspeak), know how to insert an image into your articles and still remain both coded correctly and web-compliant, and some worldly experience in the topics of choice. Know how to link back from your sources. Remember to give credit where due – nobody likes their articles being stripped of information without some acknowledgment.

Hmmm. I wrote that in less than fifteen minutes. Maybe I should attempt to respond to Darren’s daily articles…