First Visit to Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Petrified Tentacles

This morning we went to a camera outlet at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre to get 23 of our RedBubble photographs printed at 8″x12″, plus three little folders that will hold about 120 x 6″x4″ photographs. (These will be used as ‘easy-to-display’ books for the work I have on my RedBubble gallery. More about that in another article.)

Then we went into the city to pick up photographs I forgot on Friday: Another 25 x 6″x4″ photographs (on top of the 58 from last week).

Soft Tranquility

Afer all that was completed … we finally went to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens this afternoon. It was the best four hours I have spent in the Adelaide CBD in a VERY long time.

I found buildings, structures, lakes and cactus I didn’t know we had in this city! I found the cactus/palm building that I never knew existed. We shot ducklings … thankfully I had the zoom lens because they sure can move fast when they want to! We found native flowers swarming with bee’s, so thankfully SWMBO had the Macro lens.

But I stuck with the standard old 28mm lens. The wide-angle was used when the 28mm failed to perform. It is old – it was built for an SLR, not a dSLR. I thought it wouldn’t matter, but it does. Once you get used to having a stabiliser, better manual control and motor-driven glass – it’s near impossible to go back to old lens!

I found glass-houses, lamp-posts, petrified tentacles, concrete mushrooms, a glass wave, a rose-bush archway and heaps of other shadows and tricks of light.

Cactus (nee Palm) House, Front View (B&W)

Want to see the photographs we shot in the Botanical Gardens today?

Go through all my flickr photographs tagged Adelaide Botanic Gardens dated 01-September-2007. In total, 34 photographs of 600 we shot in the four hours were chosen, cropped, and compressed … and only 12 of them were uploaded. That ratio of return is not too bad!

Water, Everywhere Water.

Want to see the RedBubble photographs we printed at 8″x12″ ?

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