Time Off To See A Movie or Two

I need to find some time over the next few weeks for a few good movies. After a discussion about "Being John Malkovich" with a work colleague (after she saw me reaching into the back of the stationery-cupboard), I was sent an email with a list of further movies I should watch. It’s an amazing list of movies that I honestly have not seen yet.

Her email started ‘your brain will thank you for watching the following films’. The descriptions in italics below are from her email. Being very analytical, I intend to review and write about each one from my perspective. Including "Being John Malkovich".

1. Adaptation : Good film. Very clever and intelligent.

2. Punch Drunk Love : Even though it has Adam Sandler in a dramatic role. Same writer/director as Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

3. Lost in Translation : Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson, Directed by Sofia Copola.

4. Memento : Guy Pearce, brilliant, a brain teaser very intelligent film.

5. The Machinist (Maquinista, El) : Written by Scott Kosar, directed by Brad Anderson, starring Christian Bale (the same writer and director as Memento)

6. Batman Begins : Staring Christian Bale, it is the BEST Batman film.

So you can see I need to put the dSLR camera down, flick a DVD in, then spend an evening without last.fm listing my every music taste. Could this really happen?


2 thoughts on “Time Off To See A Movie or Two

  1. just wanted to let you know

    the machinist was written by Scott Kosar and directed by Brad Anderson

    and number 6 is batman begins, not batman returns


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