Five Ways to Stop Boredom

We all know it is easier to change the content and not the title. So I’ve moved the original article that was published here to a new location within my journal.

One commenter says that I’ve not actually suggested any ways to cure boredom. Therefore this is my abridged post. Here’s hoping you find it more befitting and enables you to do something more interesting with your time:

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1. Online Social Networking

As many of us have the internet either at home or at work, we’ve got the means to socialise with people around the world. From Australia to Zambia, from Los Angles to Melbourne, everyone can interact easily and quickly.

Today you’ll find most internet sites have some form of interactivity. Whether it be a forum, a time-line, a commenting system or IRC, it’s relatively easy to find someone with a mutual interest.

I highly recommend the following sites … because they are where you’ll find me!

What you will notice most is that some sites are not primarily for socialising, but have built into networks of like-minded people who choose to meet together to discuss their hobby or work.

2. Volunteer

Being actively involved in your local community is the surest way to prevent boredom. By getting out and talking to other people, you’ll never have a dull moment again.

Many organizations and clubs around the world are going through a membership decline. Having been a member of both Rotaract and Apex at various times over the last twenty years (although not anymore), I can testify that the opportunity to speak with other people is the ideal way to increase the vocabulary, give you the strength and willingness to speak in a public forum, plus increase your circle of friends.

When you might say you are shy and not fond of other people, being a club member may be the best thing you can do to help yourself.

3. Write a Journal

The best way for the average person to express themselves without telling the whole world what problems they endure … is to write it down.

With the advent of the internet, most of us have learnt to type out our thoughts. Amusingly some of us use two thumbs, some use two fingers, whereas people like myself use at least 8 fingers to type almost as fast we think!
I heavily encourage this as a method to avoid boredom. When all else fails, turn inwards to find the source of the problem. Mostly it’s simply a failure to communicate effectively.

4. Compile Lists

The most fun thing about lists is that they be about ANYTHING! My wife keeps a list of all her books. It includes the book title and author, the character names and their occupation, plus many interesting tidbits of information.

Why is this interesting or even fun? Because it keeps the mind active. Nobody likes sitting around doing nothing.
It’s human nature to find interest wherever and however.

5. Photography

Of course I would suggest this: Find your camera, no matter what brand or type, and take a walk into your backyard. Shoot anything that stands still long enough. Don’t settle for the standard shots of flowers: Aim at them from a different direction. Step outside the usual concepts, try something new. How else do you think I get the interesting and varied shots within my photo galleries.

This is the simplest method for beating boredom. Because suddenly you realise just how insignificant you actually are. If you are alive and bored, you are not living to your full potential.

One more to prevent you from being bored ever again:

6. Work

Trust me on this, working is fun. Yes, some jobs are not fun, but working is more interesting than doing nothing. Work is whatever you let it be.

I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t enjoy. That would be silly. All I am saying is that a day spent working on something you enjoy is better than a day wasted doing nothing. Of course, we all have different interpretations of nothingness.

Just don’t let ‘nothing’ get the better of you. Work hard at something you enjoy, and the happiness will follow. Let work be something you do that makes you happy to wake up every morning. Let it be said that you wake up every morning at work … because you enjoy what you are doing.

Never being bored means doing important, worthwhile, fun, interesting and social activity.

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