Steve Irwin Lives On

Giraffe, in Portrait

Just a quick message to tell everyone to get ready for Steve Irwin Day on November 15th 2007.

Like everyone, I am still dumbfounded that Steve is dead. Therefore it is easier to quote from his site than to formulate words that express how much we miss his “Crikey!”, his amazing respect for the animal kingdom … and the amazing tenacity of his little girl, Bindi Sue Irwin. If he were alive today, he’d be both proud and astonished of the ongoing work at his father’s zoo. Here is a section from the new website I choose to quote:

Steve’s life was a cocktail of love, passion, enthusiasm and respect which was poured down from his parents and soaked into his veins.
His excitement over the most deadly snake or tiniest lizard brought him to the forefront of animal conservation. He set the precedent for making sure fellow humans cared for and respected wildlife and the environment as much as he did.
He changed the world with his extreme conservation efforts and innovative ideas. He was a true blue Aussie bloke whose energy and passion shone through in all he did. Steve’s legacy will live on forever.

Nothing else need be said. Just remember the Irwin clan on this special day and do what you can to support their efforts.