Getting Your Life Line Organised


Quite by accident I have discovered My impression of this site compares it to twitter, myspace and any blogger system. But it brings in an extra element that’s almost convincing: A time-line of articles and photographs. These two components make the whole idea very enticing, but at the end of the day all I see is yet another way to blog my life away. Whilst I might be looking for a new tool, this is not the answer I need. Maybe it suits you.

On the upside, I found this well written short story of a real-life situation. I have met some autistic kids in my time, and fully understand the need for repetitive behaviour. James would have been a great kid to know and be with. I would have liked to have left comment on the article, but discovered that I have to be a registered member. So I’ll say it here:

But the ending leaves me waiting for more. Have I missed something? Is there a next story? Or am I to assume that the ruskies will stick all that paper back together to find some information? Or is the Uncle chasing them to determine what and why they take the bags? Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story

Maybe you’ll find some more interesting information about the lives of someone writing on Reality TV is nothing compared with the writings of people’s real-life stories. It’s all very entertaining!