Passion, Panache, Perseverance and Point of View

Over at BloggingPro is a well-written rant against multiple page posts.


The argument is that blogging one article over a six-page spread is not very enticing. Unless I can read it all as one page, you’re not likely to get many readers past the first page — other than to jump to page six to read the ending.

For me it was a case of finding something that irked me enough to jump out of lurking and respond with a positive “Yeah, I agree!” Thanks David for getting this article to wake me up. Let’s hope it can kick the dreaded lurgy out of my system so I can recover from a week of sickness.

BTW, David was responding to Lorelle’s earlier article on the same issue — but I cannot find that article in their anywhere. Whilst I was hunting high and low, I found a host of other articles that proved fascinating reading. Following Lorelle’s example, here is a list of them:

# Big thanks to Lorelle for giving me direction to the article!

  • Blog Struggles: Ideas and Drafts : Lorelle gives up some great ways to organise your drafts and ideas, getting them primed for publication on your journal. I’ve been using a lot of these techniques for many years. Except for the bit about clearing out the clutter. Maybe Lorelle says this, but I believe that sometimes you just have to let go. An article can go passed it’s USE-BY date very quickly here, what with the amount of new-news being pumped out every hour. Unless you say it straight away, you can be sure someone else will beat you to it!!
  • Are You Abusing Your WordPress Pages – and Your Blog?. This article has subheadings for information that I fully comprehend, but will use to enhance my pages and posts just a little more. Titles such as Pages Are For Articles, Pages Are Showcases and How to Showcase Your Blog Posts and Articles, all will help to clean up even the best of journals.
  • The 3 Easiest Ways to Speed Up WordPress. An article is not worth a pinch of salt if its title says nothing. Ok, a slight exaggeration, but sometimes this proves so true. In this case, Lorelle had me at ‘EASIEST’. About the best advice this gives is "In this day and age there is just no reason to host your own video. Upload it to YouTube, Google Video, Viddler or any other video hosting site and then use their embedding function to play back the video from their servers within your page.". The same goes for photographs. allows you to host your photographs for free (up to 200), and give a real easy way to embed them into your article. Why waste your server space?
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets. I’m a sucker for cheat-sheets. I have a folder full already of printed attributes, elements, ascii characters and whatever else makes it easy to remember it all.


Lorelle also links to these great articles she wrote for the BlogHerald, both important to read. For those of us who are prone to printing before thinking, or just like to badmouth the world in general, you should really read these first two:

Thanks David, Lorelle and Nathan for waking me up!


2 thoughts on “Passion, Panache, Perseverance and Point of View

  1. Always glad to kick some blogging ass. :D

    The article referenced in the Problogger article is The Rant Against Multiple Page Posts, just to catch you up on that.

    Thanks for the links and the recommendations. You picked some of my favorites.

    As for the timely blog post draft idea compared to the timeless one, if it is past its expiration date, then get rid of it. But I don’t think that the average blogger should focus on being the “first” with the news, sleeping with their feed reader next to their pillow and puter. I’m a big fan of waiting until the panic is over to make a point on a timely issue, if it is even necessary to jump into the fray.

    It depends upon your blog purpose and focus – but many chase the news and don’t produce any. I like the producers, don’t you?


  2. Hey Lorelle, thanks for the link!

    You make a good point: Waiting for the panic and hoopla to die off, THEN responding — this is a good option. Too often people responding when their emotions are running high … invariably that means retractions, apologies, recanting, etc. Never fun.

    Love the producers, but I also like sleeping. At least a little bit.

    Thanks for your comment. I get hundreds of spam-mail which rarely have any substance to them, so it’s good to get one real!


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