Break a Habit and Save a Few Dollars

FUICing Thirsty

Jared brings it home for all us: Carbonated beverages are what’s making us fat, lethargic and easy targeting from marketing giants. He’s quit the sweetest tasting syrup on the planet to save his money, teeth and sanity … and I’m glad he’s made this public.

I too have been addicted to Cola (in each branded variety) for well over twenty years. Like Jared’s family, it wasn’t as accessible when we grew up, but it was around at parties and events, so the taste was discovered!

But what really matters is the impact on the environment. Every hour of the day you will find a cola can or bottle somewhere in your neighborhood. There’s probably one or two in your neighbors trash right now! And this is despite the effort to make these a refundable item. In Australia all aluminum cans have a 5cent return on them. This is a great way to make a few extra dollars: Right now there is a box under my desk at work that is filled to the brim with 5cent bottles. Probably only enough to make a few dollars — but it matters and does make a difference. We have a shed full of cans, bottles, milk-containers, and other glass products — because they are all worth 5cents each. Not enough to bring in a regular income, but it certainly supplements it … and it’s non taxable! Sweet deal.

But I don’t know if I could remove Cola completely. Yes, water is the obvious alternative. So is juice, milk, alcohol and anti-freeze. Ok, scratch those last two. But Cola is going to be around. Xmas 2008 is almost here. Cola drowns out the taste of sultana-salad, is a great back-up for watery-cordials – and is used to pour on the concrete when BBQ is rolled back into the shed.

Thank you Cola for giving us a product with so many great uses!