Nine More Reasons

Mixing Photographic Styles

Some days I write to respond to other people’s articles … and they grow so long that they become an article in themselves. This is my response to “How Twitter Made My Website Better” by Guy Kawasaki.

1 Faster?

Like adding turbo-boosters to a Bronco? Or adding a flux-capicator to a Delorean? Appearances can be deceiving.

2 and 3. Interesting?

Guy, you already were. Adding Twitter more likely lost you a few hundred passionate readers of your interesting articles. I was almost one of them. But I’m looking at everything else on offer at your journal, and avoiding this fad.

4 and 5. Increased Traffic?

Only to other people who are interested in following the lives of others instead of having one themselves. Guy, for someone who has contributed so much to both the online and offline worlds, why is Twitter your refuge? Please come back into the light and realise that this short moment of your life will remain just that.

6. More True, Less Rumor?

Guy, when you open your mouth, people listen. You could feed us “Recipes for Road Kill“, people would still listen. Oddly enough.

7 & 8. Friends?

Online or offline? Can you name their wives, girlfriends (computers don’t count), children, habits (internet doesn’t count), fears, phobias and happiness (Twitter is not an option)? Heck, do you even know what they look like?

8. Reconnect?

Everybody is an email or phone-call away. By joining Twitter, you’ve lessened the likelihood that you’ll ever make that phone-call.

Preserving Heritage

9. Preservation is Cryogenics. Heritage is having others look after your facade while you sleep for eternity. If a person in another country were to find a piece of history inside a book that may be about one of my relatives, I would only hope they would preserve the information … if they felt it important enough.

In closing,

Let me make this clear for all you commentors who are itching to say something: I have nothing against Guy Kawasaki. I found his journal/blog very early in 2007 and really really enjoyed what I found. Guy speaks and writes well.

(I’ve always wanted to ask: For the astonishing amount of content and articles we regularly see, does Guy use a program, such as DragonSpeak, to convert his thoughts to text a whole lot easier.)

I still daily read Guy’s etchings and will continue to do so. This typed-piece is merely my personal objection to yet another ‘web logging’ system that appears to have no other purpose than to keep a written record of a person’s every movement.

Instead of filling the internet with rubbish, we are emptying the earth of interest.