October Flickr SACentral Meetup

After an exhausting day with a group of dedicated Adelaide photographers last Saturday afternoon (27-Oct-2007), I managed 250 photographs at Leonards Mill (my first visit, though we’ve driven past it a hundred times!) The Rapid Bay Jetty, Second Valley Boat Sheds and the Starfish Windmills [ 1, 2 ].

Although we dressed for a warm day, a few drops of rain managed to hit our zoom, macro and wide-angle lens. Everyone who came along, from the 7yo boy to the more-senior, managed to capture interesting and diverse photographs of the numerous local tourist attractions, plus a few humorous shots of each other! See more of the photographs from the whole group.

Here are the dozen shots of my collection that found their way onto my flickr gallery:

Heat Generator ; Protection ; Three

Heat Generator





Rainbow Growth ; Coming Home ; Shirtless Man

Rainbow Growth

Coming Home

Shirtless Man

Graffiti at Rapid Bay

Graffiti at Rapid Bay

These last two are also on my Redbubble Gallery where they are available to purchase as Cards, Laminations, Canvas and Framed wall-hangings! (My article at Redbubble about this event.)

Hexadecay | All That Remains


Mick Jagger and Keith Richards | Rustic Roof

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

I’ve now got a wider appreciation for the landscape and environment around South Australia!