More Light for Less Money

Sunset 03

All these sites suggest you make a super cheap ring -light, pocket ring light (…yet I really like this one!), or strange ring-light.

They all offer simple and not-so-easy instructions showing you how to save money with plastic, metal and cardboard components that would have been expensive kitchen appliances before they were cut up for ring-lights.

I say go buy a real one!

Well, I do use Canon, so that’s what I would do. Nothing but the best for me.

One more for the DIY with a bigger budget: The Tupperware RingLight. This one is probably the easiest of the lot, except for convincing mum or the wife to give up the Tupperware for your hobby. I hope this idea makes you money … so you can buy her a new plastic tub!

But wait, here is another alternative for the photographer going for gold!