Four T-Shirts for Professional Photographers

What do you think of these t_shirts? Appears that a LOT of people have liked my t-shirts on Redbubble enough to want their own customised version, complete with their personal name, online name or even their business name.

So I have made these options available. For all those photographers around the world who want to stand out in the crowd as the OFFICIAL, PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR photographer at any event, I make the perfect t-shirts.

The best thing about these shirts is how in-expensive they are! That’s right, my mark-up is so low … because I believe EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER AROUND THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD should be wearing them.

Buy one. Own It. Wear it proudly. Take all your photographs knowing that people know that you know that they know that you know that you are a photographer… right? Right! Push that buy/preview button now!

The Official T-Shirt - Just Wear It

Just had an amazing idea:
Imagine if 207 people stood frozen at a train-station WEARING THE SAME T_SHIRT?!!