Online Entertainment Takes A Massive Jump Forward Screen Dump The biggest site on the Internet right now, after Redbubble of course, is This has to be the most fascinating site you can experience with your … your hands on the keyboard.

The team over at Hulu seem to be on a mission, and it’s an ambitious one. By providing premium content from the top fifty providers of visual entertainment (eg: FOX, NBC, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros., Lionsgate), these guys are sure to win the hearts and stomachs of well over 50% of the internet audience.

There’s no doubt that Hulu is still on the up and is sure to be one of those success stories that will be on our minds for a few years yet. Forget Youtube or Google, Hulu, the new four-letter word, is the new ad-free supplier of entertainment. Can you afford not to be watching?

What’s most amazing is that they have two teams working from Los Angles, California and Beijing, China. Talk about two worlds finally collaborating for a common good. Now we need for their heads-of-state to follow suit!