We’ve All Been Pawn’d

We write tribulations, congratulations, conversations, character assinations on blogger, blogspot, tumbler, wordpress, squarespace, 9rules, facebook, myspace and geocities (yes, some still do!).

We’ve uploaded to redbubble, flickr, istock and more. We meet on Meetup, BuddyStumbler, Doof, SameSame. (It’s amazing/scarey what new sites are there upon googling “make friends online”)

And in just the last eighteen months: We’ve plurk’d, pownc’d, hellotxt’d, jaiku’d, bebo’d, twitter’d, frazr’d, beemood’d, meemi’d, gozub’d, numpa’d, and mexicodiaro’d (wtf?).

Do you get the feeling we’ve all been pawn’d?

Admittedly, I’m addicted to some of these sites … so I ain’t complaining, just putting the question out there.


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