Five days on Kangaroo Island

The Night Before 5 Days on KI

28 August 2008:
After almost missing the SEALINK boat, the wife and I enjoyed a wave-free boat trip across to KI. … more

Day 1 of 5 on KI

29 August 2008:
Although an 8am start was the idea, I reckon my body clock just didn’t care! … more

What a Beak

Day 2 of 5 on KI

30 August 2008:
Although awoken numerous times by numerous sounds throughout the night … more

Day 3 of 5 on KI

31 August 2008:
I didn’t think I’d find time for this – because despite starting as a lazy Sunday, … more

Sheep Gate

Day 4 of 5 on KI

01 Sept 2008:
Another early start, back out to farm to get the remainder of household stuff. … more

Day 5 of 5 on KI

02 Sept 2008:
Today was just like I wanted: A day of photography around Kingscote. … more