Evolution of my Blogging

Wow, I have been blogging for over six years!

The first two years were simply snippets of my day’s activities, nothing more than the computer work I was doing.
Monkey Business

Then I was introduced to blogspot/blogger.com in middle years of this decade. This invigorated my learning of HTML and CSS because the entire template within blogger is adjustable to any configuration and colour! I had a few odd designs back then, even a few I now find quite embarrasing. But they were good for learning how to create sprite navigation and non-garish backgrounds for the body of a page!

Back in early 2006 I discovered a number of alternative blog-creation sites, but settled for WordPress.com. I’m yet to say it was the best choice, but I’ve finally chosen a template that best suits my personality. I’d love to start paying for edit-access, hopefully later this year. (No, it’s not expensive and it does have the potential to help make a few dollars each mont … I’m just undecided if I was pursue the money-making angle of the whole blogging business.)

As we have learnt since then via many SEO-sites: History is vital to the ongoing evolution of life, success and good written articles.

So in the interest of better written articles and self-evolution, here is a quick link back to articles written on this day (or thereabouts) over the last few years of blogging.


1. Today is my wedding anniversary! Eleven long years of marriage to same woman. Isn’t there some kind of medal for that?
2. I’m working on a new business-plan for an interesting job idea I had early this week. With the help of Richard Pascoe, I plan to have this either secured or a learning-experience before the middle of June 2009.

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