Banners Built with GIMP

I had a bit of fun last night with GIMP. I had an idea to build an image that incorporated my Redbubble photography.

Whilst I like the results, I’m still not sure how or if I will incorporate into them into the layout of my site. I’ve already had someone say to me “Hey, that’d make a great intro-page!“. But since it ain’t 1996 any more, I don’t plan on doing that any time soon.

Version #1
Banner Advert #1

Version #2
Banner Advert #2

Wait, for all those that say “I have a strong dislike for the overlaying text, don’t do it!” or “Dude, the text is overpowering, make it more translucent“: Stop. It’s merely overlayed onto THESE images so that any usage elsewhere also displays my name and linkage. Precautionary methods that include advertising. Like Rebba has to do with her Flickr gallery.