King Charles

This is my mother’s pet “King Charles Cavalier Spaniel“, named “Charlie“.

Charles is a lovely little dog who loves a lot of attention. Last time we visited I had a great opportunity to shoot a few interesting photographs as he ran around. Because Charlie would not stand still, he was put on the lower deck to run around to his heart’s content.

As I stood on the stairs leading up to the balcony, I shot Charlie with my Canon EOS 400D many hundreds of times. Here are the ONLY two photographs that worked out. Till next time Charlie, this is your portrait:

Charlie by Stephen Mitchell

Charlie II by Stephen Mitchell

You can see both of these photographs of Charlie framed, laminated, on canvas and cards within my Redbubble gallery!


4 thoughts on “King Charles

  1. Amle :
    I always find dogs to be extremely difficult to take good photos.

    They can be difficult, very true. This one had a black cavalier running around with it, so they were trying to get sole-attention from us, the visitors! In the end I half-hid down a stair-well photographing up at them on the balcony.


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