Cats, Coffee, Chocolate, CSS and T-Shirts

With my $25 e-voucher from Peter Styles for ‘being a strong-supporter of Redbubble for the last three years‘, I purchased three T-shirts from my own creations:

Nobody is Born a Perfect Photographer - They Develop The Internet Gives You Blurry Eyes I am Cooler Than Almost Everybody Here. Damn You.

They’ll be arriving any day now. Then I will be the most developed, cool and blurry person in the room. Well, cool at least!


ezCREATerrain on Tumblr Have you noticed I am sending stuff to my Tumblr? Yeah, I revived my account. I’ve had it set-up for about a year, but only recently remembered about it.
The cool part is that each time I post an article, quote, image, photograph or video, each tumblr-link also goes to my twitter. Great easy promotion of my photography, blog, events and social-networks. Saves a lot of hassle.


ezCREATE photography My personal website has had yet another modification.
Yeah, yeah, I should integrate a blog into it. Soon. One day. Too much going on. Not an important issue. Really.
Have you spotted the CSS-changes yet?


Solo Cat