What is your #1 Favourite Web Site?

The WWW holds an ever-increasing plethora of web sites that help us do almost everything!

Yet there must be just one, JUST ONE WEB SITE, that means the world to you. I had to take a long look at all the sites I find myself using for various reasons, but in the end I kept coming back to this one site:

I love Textile!

I’d almost be at a loss without this easy-to-use web site.

I can type up thoughts, ideas, QotD, and snippets of code anytime – all with any editor. Then I can bold, italicize and link it all up without messing about with HTML – then shove it into textile to convert. Gotta love that. It has a few little hiccoughs (automatically inserts paragraph attributes), but like everything in life, it can be tolerated.

So what is your favorite web site, and why?

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