3 Jobs where the iPad will be Useful!

Whilst some might say the iPad has limited functionality, I believe the latest toy from Apple is the perfect tool for these 3 types of workers:
The Original Apple iPod

  1. Photographers,
  2. Entrepreneurs and
  3. Consultants.

The world is filled with people who spend their days performing many of these jobs, often in combination.

With the many applications that can be installed, almost any type of worker could use the iPad as their office and desk , plus as a promotional tool for photographers needing a simple way to promote their work wherever they are.

I currently use the Apple Touch in the same way. Over the last two years, I have used every opportunity to promote my photography which this amazing medium: Two occasions went onto selling framed artwork from my Redbubble gallery !

I can see very few reasons why anyone would think the Apple iPad is useless.
Yes, there are many features we wish it had. For those who have seen this graphic where it is compared with a rock , yes, we all know it, the Apple iPad is minus a LOT of features that we wish it had. Get over it. Better yet, gripe about it on a site that is listening to you: iTalkMagazine.

That’s enough from me. I just hope that later this year I can afford to get my own iPad. But I want one that is just for using at home and in hotspots around Adelaide, and not on a plan. My plan is to use it for displaying my photographs BIG, plus communication and writing with with fellow online entrepreneurs. Gotta love the iPad!

5 thoughts on “3 Jobs where the iPad will be Useful!

    • Absolutely agree. And that’s part of the point of the article: Whilst these three are the only types of people that I consider would get the most benefit, there are many other types of jobs which can employ the use of an iPad to accomplish their tasks. But until Apple include flash and more peripheral attachment ports, it is limited. I’ll be waiting till the next generation.


  1. That’s the thing with any technology… If you know how to use it, then you can make it work for you. There must be a number of other jobs that can be made richer with an iPad (e.g., teaching, writing, training, etc.)

    In my case, I think my iPad is already paying for itself (and if all goes well, it would’ve been all paid for in less than a month!)…

    I wish you well in getting your own iPad. Showing off your photos through it sounds like a fabulous idea!


    • Hello Shai! That’s great that your writing is paying for your iPad. I imagine that if I had one now, I could do the same. Considering its portability alone, it must be very cool being able to carry it to any location, type a few notes, quotes and scribbles regarding a potential article, then to be able to edit and upload from anywhere. Thanks for your great comment, it’s given me ideas for future articles!


  2. Hello Joe…
    Glad to hear from you, particularly regarding the few issues with the iPad. Whilst we all can see the grand capabilities and possibilities of this unit, it is good to know where problems lie. I do hope that many people like yourself report all the faults and missing features to the Apple people. I look forward to the next generation where these are either ironed-out or included.
    Again, thanks for your comment.


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