My Week in Social Media Circles

Social Media Club Tshirt (on Lee Hopkins) I left last night’s #SOCADL/#SMCADL meeting wondering why I was getting involved with this group. I have been asking this for quite some time.

Even with the amazing people, the interesting conversations, the aqueducts, the roads that can take me along new paths in all aspects of my life, I still was having trouble understanding why I had chosen to get involved with this group and not others that I have been following and visiting for the last 2 years.

I’m also in another SocMed group, ‘The StartUp Club’, and I have made a few interesting friends with them. But that fizzled, both from my side and somehow so did they. Or maybe I am off their mailing list, I ain’t sure what’s going on.

Anyhow, after finding the correct elevator out of the Deloitte building, I discussed my thoughts with Richard Pascoe. Mostly I talked and he listened, which was probably a wise thing as I can ramble on. (Proof in point displayed here).

Despite being still quite unsure how I was to remain part of this group, I decided just to upload my portrait photographs onto flickr from the night and think nothing more of it all. Can you find your face amongst these portraits?

SCMadl Attendee SCMadl Attendee Sarah Thomas Ric Hayman and Mal Chia SMCadl Attendee David Eades Sarah Thomas

Mal Chia Mal Chia and Lee Hopkins Mal Chia, Unknown, Michael Millard & Lee Hopkins Steve Davis SCMadl Attendee Steve Davis

Richard Pascoe (@AdelaideTechGuy)

WOW! Seems the whole world found these photographs appealing. The stats have been interesting. It appears all my flickr, twitter and facebook contacts must be checking them out. Thanks! The traffic has surpassed my expectations and continues to jump. I’m not sure where this takes me, but it does remind me why I choose to be involved. Let me expand…

I love photography.

I really like shooting portrait photography. Always have, always will. Facial emotions are the most amazing features to capture with a camera. And it’s never easy. But it is fun. Shooting with a Canon 50D and 580exII flash gun enables me to make your face jump off the screen. And capture a few details that would not normally be seen. (Sorry Lee!).

If nobody minds, this is the only reason I am involved with the #SOCADL/#SMCADL: To capture our journey through photography. And maybe get a few photo jobs along the way. Want me to shoot your portrait, either for your web site or online avatar? Yes, I am available. See you at the next meeting!

On that segway, here are a bunch of interesting images I found via google: I typed in “social media logos” (for another project I am doing), and up popped these amazing images. Which are now linked through my tumblr blog. Check ’em out!

  1. The CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape. View at full size to read the fine print.
  2. This image is an interesting way to categorise all the SocMed sites we frequently visit, chat at, add images into, make new friends and generally leave links to our articles and work. Includes a lot of sites I bet you never heard of before!
  3. A Timeline of Social Communication devices . Somewhat incomplete, yet probably complete enough for the kids of the ‘norties. (Yes, you, the post-Y2K noobs.)
  4. PRELUDE: As the first person to arrive for last night’s meeting of the #SMCADL / #SOCADL minds at the Deloitte building in Adelaide, I watched as many an Apple or other handheld device was brought out from bags. Seems getting first dibs for Mayor of Deloitte on Foursquare was the most important issue. So I had hoped the devices would be put down once that issue was covered. No, that was not to be the case. Many of these people, whom I call very sociable, continued to nose-dive into the glass bowl that held their lives. Look, I am not complaining, I too wish I had one of the devices. I only want an iPad, but I want one WITHOUT an internet connection. Why? I want it to connect through to my home wifi, plus the wifi of any cafe or pub I visit. That way, I only use it when I can, not at every moment of the day and night. It’s bad enough now with my Apple Touch. Finding this image that explains how mobile phones are changing social media is interesting. Read it and understand how your life is being controlled by the very device that you thought would help you control your life. What an Interesting twist of irony!

Let’s get back to where this article started … with those photographs of the Apple Tower:

The Apple Tree The Apple Tree

Wow, what a post! I haven’t written in such long sentences for quite some time.

Do you remember life prior to Twitter? Didn’t we all write essays, stories, articles, tutorials … in sentences LONGER THAN 140 characters? I remember these days fondly, yet, sadly, I don’t remember how I managed to do it. I am sure I can return to these times, but fear it may take a little more time. On the upside, I like succinctness. I like refining my sentences to say more with less. I like that twitter is teaching some people to listen more and speak less.Yet here I am, writing more than I have before.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Social Media Circles

  1. i’m finding myself dipping my toes in both the start-up club meetings and also the social media club meetings, i’m interested to know what you believe are the pros and cons of each, for instance the start up club meetings seem to be quite unstructured? your thoughts?


  2. Loc, thanks for asking great questions. Rather than answer them hear, give me a few days to compile my thoughts whenupon I will publish them as an article. Cool?


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