Little Boy with Little Hands

Our little man, “Litte Jai”, is growing up fast!

So Small, So Cute His cute little hands are big for his age-range, his fingers strong and firm. Each day I am amazed at how he is progressing. He tries so hard to support his own neck, pushing upwards when I hold him against my shoulder for burping.

According to the books my wife is reading, babies “in their 2nd month can lift their heads for a few seconds“! Which means Jai is well-ahead of kids 4-times his age!

Last night he lay on my stomach whilst we discussed the future. Whilst I am sure he cannot focus very far with his eyes, he intently stared at me throughout the discussion. I just hope is ready for the 20 questions I will have for him later tonight. KIDDING!

Anyhow, check out the size of his cute little hands sitting inside my wife’s palms.

More photos are a’foot. Yep, feet are next!