My Ten Favourite Photographs (This Week So Far)

I’ve had a few great opportunities to shoot interesting and varied photographs this week.

Of the many family, portrait, abstract, and landscape photographs I have shot with both my Canon 50D and my Samsung Galaxy Note II, these are my favourite. Well, so far. See if you can pick which were shot by Canon or Samsung…

Wooden Spokes on Old Tyre

Green Reeds in the Little Sahara sand dunes.

Walking thru the Dunes

Reed Shadow & Silhouette

Petrol Bowser, Sheoak Café

Two Trees on Horizon

Sequence of Trees

Between Road and Shore

Pano of the Little Sahara sand dunes

But wait, there will be more, to be sure to be sure, all the way from Kangaroo Island shores. Maybe even a few oars.