Ten Years on WordPress 

According to WordPress I celebrated 10 years of blogging within the last few weeks. (I’d planned to publish this on the actual day, but hey, kids.)
Yet the date is not accurate.

I started blogging towards the end of the last millenia. I had discovered the art of blog via Samela Harris, a local journalist, in the Adelaide Advertiser (our city newspaper) one morning and decided “I could do that!”.

So it’s closer to 17 years.

I have always enjoyed writing, either poetry or prose, so felt it would be a great transition. It turned out to be a great way to discuss both photography and web design issues, review my concert attendances, plus write short stories.

With the help of blogger.com, I designed and built my first blog. Not kidding, I ripped the HTML to pieces to make it my own. I copied the back-end into MS Notepad, broke the HTML and CSS apart to build it, created my own graphics – and enjoyed creating sprite-based menus. Thank you Jeffrey Zeldman!

Soon after I checked if other Adelaidians were blogging: I found Shai Coggins, an amazing and prolific writer, whose style blew my mind. I might have changed my style, but I didn’t want to be seen as a copycat.

But the inevitable was on its way: Monetisation. It didn’t take long for the internet community to realise there was LOTS of money to be made from monetised blogsites. Suddenly sidebar adverts became mainstream and creativity was either killed, retired or buried.

It wasn’t called monetisation back then, but it was certainly making blogging an industry. Advertising was, and still does, making creative sites look ugly. I cringe that I have moved into this arena recently – I constantly want to remove them from one of my sites, but they help pay some bills.

So on both mine and the boys blog I have removed all Adsense advertising – and we only advertise family products.

You will see on the right of screen (or base if you are on a smartphone) six image-based adverts.

Of them all, the most important and prominent is my wife’s honey business on Kangaroo Island: LSBeez . Take a moment to check it out.

I also advertise all my tshirt galleries and my photography collections. Again, check out the sidebar or my PORTFOLIO page to peruse them all. And buy as much as you can! :)

Back when I first started blogging, it was all about writing down my thoughts in the same way as if I was talking to you. It’s much more natural and the sentences flow better.

Now that I write for my two sons, I have simplified my style yet again. More like short story anecdotes.

With that in mind, here ends today’s trip down memory lane.