#40 On the Dog and Bone I am…

  • A photographer: I capture moments in time using a transparent optical device, mounted to an electronic device, that either converges or diverges transmitted light to form images. Those that I print get exhibited. But most of photography appears online.


  • A graphic artist. Thanks to the “School of Blood, Sweat and Tears” and the “Academy of Hard Knocks” and the “System of Trial and Error“, I have become a tshirt artist.
  • An online entrepreneur. My name can be found far and wide on the WWW by googling stephentrepreneur, @eztephen or stephen mitchell.
  • A writer – of poetry, prose, and short stories. I often research and write lengthy articles, documentation and procedures. Mostly I write quirky one-liners in response to the others on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • A CSS & HTML coder. Once a upon a time I did this professionally, now it is a hobby that keeps me off the street.
  • An ardent anti smoker.




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